Snorkelling ( Feeding the Fish ) at Koh Yuak

Koh Chang Snorkelling

Koh Chang Snorkelling

I just got a cheap underwater camera, in preparation for a proper snorkelling holiday in a few weeks time.  Today we decided to test it by having a late afternoon, ‘Baan Rim Nam’ staff outing to  the island of Koh Yuak, a few kilometers off Klong Prao beach.  This is the most outlying of the six islands whih lie off Klong Prao and Kai Bae beach.  It has a nice little beach and usually the water is pretty clear.

Our staff, Pui and Jong, have patched up an old boat we had and stuck a longtail engine on it and so we used that to get us there and back.  By the time we arrived the sun was going down at the back of the island so the main snorkelling area on the east of the island was in shade.  Therefore the photos aren’t great.  The sea was a bit bumpy and, likewise, the visibility wasn’t so good either.

To get to Koh Yuak your options are to either paddle a kayak – which will take an hour to an hour and a half or so, depending on where you are staying,  or take a speedboat from Kai Bae Hut.  if it’s busy you can usually join a group of people who are going out there for an hour or two.   They also sometimes run short snorkelling tours just to a couple of islands in the vicinity.  Good for families with young kids as it’s not a long trip and you can see plenty of fish just by standing in the water by the beach.

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