Koh Chang Shooting Range

Firing a pistol at Koh Chang shooting range

Firearms shooting is an increasingly popular activity.  It’s not limited to those who want to train for self-defence, a potential terror attack or imminent invasion by North Korean troops.  It’s also an exercise in concentration and technique.  And, as live rounds are used, safety is paramount.

The shooting range on Koh Chang has been running since 2011 and is owned and operated by a former Thai marine and royal bodyguard.  The range is fully licensed and often hosts staff from government agencies who need to brush up on weapons training.  Likewise any Thais living on Koh Chang who wish to have a handgun license will first have to pass a training course at the range. 

So, unlike Cambodian ranges, you won’t be renting a rocket launcher and blowing up a cow.  Instead, you will have a choice of 12 – 15 pistols , rifles and shotguns for target shooting, or clay pigeon shooting if that takes your fancy.  The aim is to make it a safe, fun and educational experience.

The handgun range is undercover.  This makes it much easier when trying to shoot on a sunny day, with no blinding glare from the sun.  But also means it’s an activity that can be done even in the rainy season.  You’ll say cool and dry whilst firing.  

What guns can I shoot?

Choose a gun to match your personality.  Do you see yourself as James Bond, an 80s action hero, Dirty Harry or a lone sniper out to save the world? 

Guns include pistols such as Standard Glock 17 and Glock 19 Compact,  Colt 45, 38 & 44 Magnum, .357 Special.  Remington and Ruger sniper rifles with ranges of 300 metres or more (the targets are placed out in the ocean)  Or how about an M4 or lightweight CMMG tactical rifle?  Maybe try a Benelli Super 90 or various other combat shotgun too.  

There really is something for everyone who wants to see how the skills acquired from hours on a Playstation first person shooter translate into real life. 


What’s included?

Visitors can book a package for a particular type of gun.  This includes:

  • Full safety training
  • A firearm
  • Ammunition
  • Steel and Paper Targets
  • Headphone-style ear protection and earplugs
  • Safety goggles
  • Transport between your hotel and the shooting range


Prices for each package range from 2,000 – 3,000 Baht depending on your weapon of choice.  

Additional ammunition can be bought when you are at the range.  Likewise if you want to try other guns this can also be arranged when you are on-site for an additional fee.


The shooting range is located roadside in the southeast of Koh Chang.  About 20 minutes drive south of the ferry piers.  If you’ve got your own transport, just head south through Dan mai Village and keep going until you see signs by the roadside.   As you can see from Streetview – the entrance is easy to spot. 

How to book?

You’ll find most tour agents on Koh Chang selling packages or you can contact the shooting range direct to make a reservation.

Koh Chang Shooting Range

E-mail: [email protected]
Line ID: shooting8855
Tel. 082 452 4141 or 039 586 054

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