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Treetop Adventure Park

treetop-004Something for families with teenagers and anyone with fond recollections of Tarzan.

Head down to treetop Adventure Park in bailan, adjacent to the Dusit Princess Resort.   Here you’ll learn to make your way from one tree to another by an assortment of rope bridges, tarzan swings, flying skateboards, and giant zip lines. It sounds dangerous – but the course has been designed, built, and is maintained, by French experts and there’s a mandatory safety briefing before they let you loose in the trees.

There’s a small training course where you can hone your skills just above ground level before advancing to the Beginners Course and a more strenous, higher altitude, Advanced Course.

The park is totally environmentally friendly with no trees being cut down and no concrete foundations placed into the ground.   In fact, trees “wear” the platforms and equipment as each tree has never been drilled into and is able to continue growing.

There are some basic rules at Treetops such as the minimum age for kids is 12 years old and the minimum height 1.40m.   If they don’t meet these requirements they’ll be limited to playing on the Kids Course, suitable for 5-9 year olds.

You’ll also need to wear suitable footwear that won’t fall off, i.e. not flip-flops.

Prices: If you make your own way to the park the price is 900 baht/person.   If you require transport to & from your hotel to the park it’s 1,200 baht/person.   the Kids Course is 400 baht/child. Book through through any tour agent on the island.

More details at treetopadventurepark.com