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Salakphet Mangrove Walkway

A sea of Green

A sea of Green

You may have already seen the concrete disaster that is Salakkok Mangrove Walkway. Fortunately, the guys who built that didn’t build this walkway.

It is located in the south east of Koh Chang, you’ll see signs pointing you in the right direction from the ferry piers onwards. But these peter out just when you need the i.e. in the last 2km.
Drive through Salakphet temple, take the first turning on the left, over a wooden bridge and along a narrow paved road.

At the end of the paved road, follow the track around to the   left,   just follow the concrete poles carrying electric cables along the dirt track. Head past a shack on the right and then you’ll see disused fish farming pools on the left with a mountain backdrop. Another 400 meters further on and you’ll reach the end of the dirt road and the start of the walkway. Here’s you’ll see two small concrete buildings – a toilet and what looks like it could one day be a ticket office or information booth. But now currently totally empty.

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  • Hi Trine.

    Have a look at the Activities section on this site. https://iamkohchang.com/activities That should give you some ideas for things to see & do. The walkway in Salakkok is about 800 metres long. There is another in Salakphet, take the left turn after the temple, that is shorter – about 500 metres.

    The walkways are Ok if you like mangroves, not a destination in themselves, but nice place to stop for a walk if you are exploring the south-east of the island by car or scooter.

  • Hi

    I’m seeking inspiration for “what to see or do at Koh Chang”.
    Can you tell me how long the Salakkok Mangrove Walkway is, and is it worth a visit?


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