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Cookies Driving Range

Koh Chang's Golf Driving Range

Koh Chang's Golf Driving Range

Opened officially in September 2009, Cookies Golf Driving Range, in Klong Son valley will no doubt prove to be a popular place for locals and tourists to take out their frustrations on helpless golf balls.

100 baht gets you 3 racks of balls – 120 in all, and a set of golf clubs allowing you to   work on your driving, chipping and slicing over the boundary nets.   The range will be open at cooler times of the day i.e. early morning   and in the evening, when it will be floodlit.   An onsite restaurant is currently under construction and will serve light meals, snacks & drinks.   Worth checking out.

There are a couple of other places you can amuse yourself with a golf club.   The airstrip in Klong Prao is also home to a small, no frills driving range. This isn’t advertised anywhere, except for the small sign by the roadside.

But of you show up with 100 baht you’ll get a golf club and a basket of balls to hit as far as you can.   Just take care when the microlights are taking off and landing. If you happened to have packed your driver “just in case” then you’ll only pay 40 baht for the balls if you bring it with you.

Other than that, you can play crazy golf at a very small course in Kai Bae.   This is just south of the Sir Henry Morgan Pirates Pub, hidden behind an open walled beer bar.   It might keep you amused for 20 minutes or so.

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  • Why go to Bangkok to the driving range to pay 40-50 baht a tray? Come here and pay 100 baht for 3 trays!

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