Nearby Islands by Sea Kayak. An Easy Paddling Trip

sea kayaking Klong Prao and Kai Bae beaches

Kayaking to Koh Suwan and Koh Rom

If you’re staying around the south end of Klong Prao beach or on Kai Bae beach, you’ll notice there are a few islands offshore.  The nearest, if you’re staying on Klong Prao beach or the north end of Kai Bae, are the two islands of Koh Suwan and Koh Rom.  These are about 20 – 30 minutes paddle from the beach.

There are a couple more islands which are an additional 45 minutes paddle away – you’ll need to be fitter and better prepared to go to those.   Or if you’re at the south end of Kai Bae there’s an island even closer – only 5 minute by canoe from Sea View Resort

During the high season the sea is calm and paddling to these islands is relatively easy.  The only thing you really need to be aware of is that there can be quite strong winds blowing from the mainland.  So paddling out to the islands is simple but coming back is noticeably harder. 

When you’re out there you’ll notice how quiet it is.  Virtually no noise.  As there aren’t any jet skis, parasailing or banana boats etc and very few speedboats around. And looking back to Koh Chang you can make out some buildings but what you notice most is the lugh green hillsides that are protected from development by the National Park.

You can pull the kayak out of the water on both islands and have a swim and enjoy the views.  Take water with you, plenty of sunscreen and a hat.  

If you’re resort doesn’t have a kayak for rent, or you are staying elsewhere.  Head to the beach restaurants at the south end of Klong prao beach ( between The Dewa and Centara Tropicana Resorts.  They have sea kayaks and SUP boards for hourly / half day rent.  Figure on 100 Baht / hour or 300 Baht for half day. 

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