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Muay Thai Boxing on Koh Chang

Learn Thai Boxing on Koh Chang

Muay Thai is unlike other contact sports, as it utilises numerous points of contact – Hands, Forearms, Elbows, Legs, Knees, Shins and Feet.  What this means is that  even to non-fighters is that it also offers an excellent full body workout.  Hence it’s growing popularity as a way to keep fit. An underlying philosophy is also that Muay Thai isn’t just physical, it’s mental and the trainers require total commitment from mind, body and soul.

Whilst the Muay Thai gyms on Koh Chang provide a great place for experienced fighters to train and hone their skills, they also offer beginner friends classes.  These can be as short as an hour.  Just to allow you to learn a few basic movies.  Or weekly training or even monthly for anyone who either wants to learn Muay Thai more seriously or boost their overall fitness levels. 

If you have good luck you might also be able to go to one of the Muay Thai events which are held a couple of times during high season on the island.  These are promoted by a couple of the local gyms and in the past have included championship fights with experienced Thai and International fighters taking part.  

As of November 2018, there are three main Muay Thai camps on Koh Chang.  These permanent training centres are listed below. In addition you will also find some bungalow resorts or bars advertising classes on a ad hoc basis. These usually when a member of staff wants to utilise the skills they learned as kid in order to make some extra cash.  Keep an eye out for roadside signs. 

Koh Chang Thai Boxing Camp, Bailan

Thai boxing in Bailan, Koh Chang

This was the first Muay Thai camp to open on the island and is located just off the main road in the centre of Bailan.  There are twice daily training sessions, from 08:00 – 10:00 and 16:00 – 18:00.  a two hour session is 600 Baht.  Classes for a week are 3,500 baht and for a daily session for a month it’s 10,000 Baht.  Personal training is also available for 600 Baht / Hour or 1,000 Baht for a two hour session.  

The camp also runs Muay Thai courses for kids, people wanting to lose weight and self defence for women.   Services such as transportation to the island and accommodation nearby for people taking weekly or monthly courses can also be arranged through the gym.


Sakaran Smile Club Gym, Klong Prao

Thai boxing in Klong Prao, Koh Chang

This is a small gym owned by an experienced trainer. It’s basic and you’ll have a small audience of fighting cocks watching you as you workout. 

A one hour session is 500 Baht.  But most people who come here do so for a week or longer course.  One week, is 3,000 Baht, Two weeks – 5,000 Baht and one month of daily training ( an hour a day ) is just 8,000 Baht.

Located 100 metres from the main road, on the side road leading to Santhiya Tree Resort.

Open 08:00 – 11:00 & 15:00 – 20:00

Facebook:  ( mid 2019 – FB page is currently down )


PP Wanrung Koh Chang Muay Thai Gym, Kai Bae

Thai boxing in Kai Bae, Koh Chang

A Muay Thai gym set up by the owner of Coral Resort who is also  a big fan of the sport.  Trainers are experienced Thai Muay Thai fighters, including Lumpinee champions, who are brought in to teach classes. 

Prices are similar to Sakaran Smile gym.  One hour is 500 Baht, One week = 3,000 Baht and a month is 10,000 Baht. However for anyone who wants to train seriously a package including a month’s training plus accommodation and meals is 30,000 Baht.  Don’t expect luxury and buffet dinners, expect pain and an Muay Thai immersion in which you’ll learn a lot about this integral aspect of Thai culture. 

Locations of  Thai Boxing gyms on Koh Chang


Muay Thai on Koh Mak

Thai boxing on Koh Mak

Surprisingly, Koh Mak has the largest Muay Thai gym on the islands.  Phoenix Muay Thai Gym is located in a new, purpose built facility on the main road around 200 metres east of Monkey Island Resort. 

Phoenix Muay Thai was founded in 2016 and offers Thai Boxing classes with professional trainers and can accommodate all levels with private and group courses.   Private training classes are from 700 Baht for a 45 minute session.  Group classes which last about 75 minutes are 400 Baht per time with discounts for weekly or monthly training. And if you just want to work out, there’s also a small, but well equipped gym that’s 150 Baht for a day’s membership.  

Open daily (except Tuesday)

More information:


  • The one at Bailan Bay was closed and dilapidated winter 2022-2023, will be there in 3 weeks and see if it has reopend.

  • On Saturdays at 8pm, you can watch Muay Thai fighting contests along the main road in the Klong Prao beach area. 6 fights in an open air setting. Great set up and hosted with professionalism. Tickets are 1300.

  • There probably will be. Although they usually aren’t announced in advance. Some are at Sabay Bar on White Sand beach. Others at the Muay Thai camp in Kai Bae near the entrance to Nang Nual Resort.

    They are advertised by having pick up truck taxis drive around with large posters and loud speakers announcing the events.

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