Klong Neung Waterfall – A Mini Adventure

Koh Chang Waterfall


I hadn’t planned to go to this waterfall, but was out on my scooter nearby and suddenly thought that it’d be fun to go back to Koh Chang’s least visited waterfall. The last time I had been there was a couple of years ago. ( For the pedantic, technically , not the least visited as there are waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle – but it’s the least visited of those with names & which are signposted ) If you start searching for photos of it, just about the only ones you’ll find were taken by myself.  And you’ll find photos of other waterfalls that people have labelled, mistakenly, thinking it was Klong Neung when they couldn’t be bothered finding out for themselves.

It’s also apparently the tallest waterfall on the island, although it’s impossible to see the top when you are down at the bottom due to all the trees.

Getting to the river isn’t difficult.  From the road junction at the north of Salakphet village you turn left and then immediately you’ll see a sign for Klong Neung waterfall and a road on the right.  Follow this road for a couple of kilometres as it heads inland, through a local community and along road lined with fruit trees and coconut palms.  It’s a lovely, empty stretch of road.  The road ends at a small parking area from where you’ll see the start of an obvious, but narrow path.

The path only leads about 20 metres down to the small river.  From here the only way to do is up the river bed – there’s no footpath.  You’ll see blue water pipes that have been laid along the river bed by villagers in order to get a free water supply – don’t stand on these or use then to balance – they wont hold your weight.

Now all you have to do is scramble up the river bed.  In most places this isn’t too difficult but as you go further you come to some sections where you need to be able to pull yourself upon to rocks and maneuver around boulders, so you need to be reasonably fit.  Coming back, it’s harder lowering yourself down again as jumping isn’t an option due to slippery rocks and the uneven surfaces. Ideally take a backpack, so your hands are free  – I didn’t so was carrying a water bottle in one hand half the way until I decided to leave it and pick it up on the way back.  Also wear walking sandals, or some footwear that grips and you don’t mind getting wet, rather than flip-flops – I didn’t but there again I’m more used to jumping around & walking in cheap flip flops than you are.

It’s a great time to visit now as there’s plenty of water in and there’s  a great little pool where you can swim once you reach the falls.   I occasionally get emails from other people who have found it. So if you make it there, let me know.

Location:  ( This is where the road ends & you start walking)



  • Yes, goes up to a viewpoint. The sala up there has almost collapsed now. So cant get as good view over the bay.

  • In the 1st picture there is a road on the left, I am right in thinking this leads up to a viewpoint. Also worth a look if people are in the area

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