Koh Chang Trips and Tours 2011 *PDF Guide*

Above is a little guide to activities on Koh Chang that I put together with Coco Dee Bo Tours in Chai Chet. The original was uplocaded in October 2010 and this is the updated February 2011 version. The reason for doing the guide is that I know quite a few people print out large chunks of this site to bring with them to Koh Chang. However, the site isn’t really designed to be printed, it looks pretty crap on paper and there’s a lot of unnecessary waffling and taking the piss in the text. So whilst it is fine for wasting a few hours at work, as you are probably doing now, when you print pages out to read on the island or whilst on the way here, something more concise would work better.

I had the idea of putting together a quick PDF of the main tours and activities that are available here on the island so readers would have all the info they need at their fingertips when trying to decide how to spend their days. All the prices, times, options available to them without having to leaf through pages of adverts or irrelevant text. Around the same time Colin from Coco Dee Bo started adding daily tips to his website. These consisted of a single paragraph on a specific activity. So I used many of those brief descriptions as a base for the guide.

The PDF will be updated should any important changes occur and can be downloaded from my site or Coco Dee Bo’s. It is 10 pages of A4, the font is pretty large so no squinting is required unless you decide to do your bit to save the planet by printing it out onto five A4 sheets. (Download it via the link on the left or via the Document Viewer at the top of the page) I kept the file size small so that it would be quick to download and easy to send as an email attachment.

The vast majority of the trips, tours, activities and transfers mentioned can be booked at any tour agent on the island – and prices are pretty standard. But if you book through Coco Dee Bo then not only will it be a nice way to thank them for helping out with the content but you’ll also be able to save money by using the ‘15% Off’ discount coupon when booking your tours.

Enjoy your time on Koh Chang :-)

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