What Wat? Bangbao Temple & Klong Son Temple

buddhist temple koh chang

Located at the opposite ends of the west coast of Koh Chang, Bangbao and Klong Son villages are both fishing communities and both have their own small temple called a ‘wat’.   Neither of these two temples is visited much by tourists.   Mainly because there isn’t anything spectacular to see if you do go, but also because they aren’t immediately noticeable.   Unlike, Klong Prao temple, the only other on the west coast, which is right by the main road.

But if you are out on your scooter for a day and happen to be passing by, both are worth a quick detour if you want to see small village temples. Bear in mind it is considered impolite to wander around a temple in Speedos, so cover up anything dangly, flabby or wobbly before you go in.

Wat Bangbao

Located adjacent to Bangbao school, opposite the turning to Bangbao fishing village.   You will see the crematorium close to the road.   Follow the narrow concrete road past the monks quarters to the oldest pat of the temple complex.   This is where you will see the monk bungalows and chedis for deceased Bangbao nobility.

Wat Klong Son Temple

Take the left had turn at the crossroads in the centre of Klong Son village.   Follow it. It meanders past homes and the local clinic and then you reach   a fork. Turn left if you want to park and take a 1 minute walk along the pier – a mini Bangbao but without the tourist shops, dive schools & seafood restaurants.   Just a dozen or so fishermen’s houses with their boats moored up in the estuary. Or head right to the temple, you should have already seen the entrance.

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