* CLOSED * Koh Chang Pony Rehabilitation Centre and Riding School

Recently a Pony Rehabilitation Centre, which will double as a riding school has been set up in Klong Son.   The idea is to save ponies that have been mistreated or face a future at the knacker’s yard and bring them to Koh Chang where they can get some R&R before being used to give riding lessons to kids and adults.

The horses are all a type of pony, similar to Mongolian Ponies, so are pretty small, 11-14 Hands high.   At the moment there are six ponies in residence: Obama, John, Rambo, Koffee, Bozo and Hunter. Basic stables have been built and riding lessons and pony trekking into the valley is on offer.   When I went there the place was deserted, the stables empty and the ponies happily grazing in a nearby field.


  • Hi Mandy, i recently got to know Chalit and his ponies and can assure he is trying his best to give those ponies a better life.We helped him out during our holiday and I can say they look in tip top condition and are very happy. Chalit is raising money to build a fence to have them roaming free as soon as possible. Please check for further information and the fence fund.
    With regards,
    Mascha from Germany

  • Hi Mandy actually we were there with them the stable is behind that field that’s why Ian couldn’t see us, we lead them back to the stable every late afternoon, our bungalow is right next to the stable so they hardy be away from our sight, my mobile is 089-7234278 please feel free to call i’m more than happy to show you .

    Chalit Wantaree

  • tying horses up with those ropes and leaving them unattended is dangerous. they can get caught in the ropes. also, it is not nice that they cannot interact with each other since they are tied up. they need to be in an open field together… without the ropes!!

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