Koh Chang BB Gun * CLOSED *


** This is now permanently closed **

The BB Gun Shooting Range and Battlefield is located in Klong Prao, 100 metres along the track leading to Panviman Resort & KP Huts, and offers something for everyone, providing everyone likes shooting airsoft guns.

These replica firearms shoot small plastic pellets.   They aren’t as powerful as regular airguns but can still be used for target shooting and war games.   100 Baht will get you a target and a pistol or semi automatic machine gun and a clip of 300 pellets.

If you have a group you can go into the battle field and shoot each other or play against one of the other teams that often go there. Or take on the staff who are more than happy to hunt you down in the jungle and old hut resort that forms the battlefield.

Safety equipment such as face masks, jacket etc are provided and you’ll also be give a short training session as although you are trying to shoot the other people ,some rules do apply to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.   Not quite the Geneva Convention but, for example, for safety you can’t shoot anyone who is within 5 metres of you.

The war games are very popular with Thai groups from hotels, restaurants and dive schools on Koh Chang who often come a the weekend or on their days off.   BBGun games are very popular in Thailand so don’t be surprised if you see guys dressed up in full battle gear and looking like they just stepped out of a terrorist training camp or Vietnam war movie.

For more details call Mam on 089 500 3915 when you are on Koh Chang or contact any good tour agent.

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