A Quick and Easy Jungle Walk Around Chai Chet

View from Chai Chet Resort Jungle Walk

* Note that as of mid 2019, Chai Chet Resort don’t like outsiders wandering into their resort. So if you try this walk, don’t be surprised if you have hotel staff telling you that it’s not possible. *

I added this page in 2013, at that time it was possible to do a longer walk around the headland.  But over time the tracks on the hillside itself have become overgrown and very difficult to follow.  Back then it was easy to get on top of the headland and get some great views down towards the beach.  It’s still possible to get there but there arent any views.  There’s just way too much tropical vegetation blocking the views nowadays.

So, I’ve rewritten this page to limit it to the jungle walk at Chai Chet Resort and no additional exploring.   

This is a little walk that you can do quite easily.  It’s a 20 minute looping walk with a couple of good photo opportunities.  There are a couple of short steep sections and it is very humid in the jungle, so be prepared to get sweaty. But nothing that most kids couldn’t handle, especially if there’s a promise of an ice cream at the end. This isn’t a hardcore jungle adventure just something pleasant to do if you’re in the area.   If you want a proper jungle walk then crossing the island on foot is fun.

The starting and finishing point is Chai Chet Resort, at the far north end of Klong Prao beach.  The resort have made a nice trail for people to use. 

From the main road follow the access road to Chai Chet Resort.  You’ll come to a bridge over an inlet where you’ll see the small fishing boats from some of the locals moored. If you want views of the beach follow the footpath behind the fishermen’s shelters and cross back over the other bridge near the reception for Chai Chet Resort.  Then you have a panoramic view across the bay.

The jungle walk itself starts near the rear of the resort head away from the sea and around to the rear of the pool and restaurant.  Then you’ll see the Chai Chet Resort’s hillside bungalows and also a sign for the Jungle Walk.

This is an easy to follow footpath that hugs the cliff and then takes you up to a 300 year old tree before returning to the rear of the hillside bungalows.  You can also get down to the sea in a couple of places.  There are some steep sections, so take care if you’re doing this in damp conditions. 

After just 100 metres or so you’ll see the trail comes down close to the rocks on the shore.  Walk out here and you get a good view of the headland to the south. Back on the path and follow it for another couple of hundred metres and you’ll see a fork.  The main path heads uphill but there’s a smaller path to the left which abruptly ends.  Through the foliage you’ll be able to see black rocks down below you by the sea.  If you look carefully you can see that there is a narrow trail that leads down to them.  This is quite slippery as there’s a lot of loose soil and leaves. When you get to the rocks then you get a view nice view along the coast to the north.  

Turn around, scramble back up the hill and follow the trail until it widens and levels out.  Within a couple of minutes you come to the sign for the 300 Year old tree.  This is just 50 metres walk to the left in a clearing.  And it is an impressive sight.  Take a photo, ideally with someone else in it to give it a sense of scale.  Then it’s just a matter of following the path back and very soon you’re at another clearing at the rear of the hillside bungalows.

Just follow the steps downhill and weave your way through the bungalows until you get back to the starting point.





  • Hello,
    Unfortunately the Quick and Easy Jungle Walk Around Chai Chet is forbidden for those Who are not customer of the resort.
    We tried twice and each time the staff told us it is forbidden. What a shame. Thanks for your Web site.

  • Hi Ian, what’s the name of the bungalow s, behind the gasoline station in chai chet, next to the thai garden hill resort, many thanks Phil, , any chance of a phone number for em, thanks Ian, Phil. (Ernie Barnes)

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