Klong Nonsi Waterfall, Koh Chang

koh chang waterfalls

Entrance to either of the two main falls on Koh Chang, Klong Plu on the west coast and Than Mayom on the east requires payment of the National Park entrance fee.   However, there are other falls that can be visited easily and free of charge.   Klong Nonsi is one of the free waterfalls on Koh Chang. It lies on the northern fringe of Dan Mai village on the east coast of the island.

Head round to the east coast on your rental scooter, past the local hospital on your right and a couple of minutes ride further south you should see a homemade blue sign for the waterfall on your right.   On your left, 50 metres south is a small coffeeshop and if you continue another 200 metres or so then you will reach the island’s main police station on your right and a paved road leading down to the old pier at Dan Mai on your left.

Following the sign brings you to a makeshift car park outside someone’s house.   A sign requests that you pay 10 Baht for parking your bike, 30 Baht for a car and there is a biscuit tin honesty box for you to drop your coins or note into. From here the waterfall is about 10-15 minutes easy walk through fruit fields.You will pass through Durian, Longan and Mangosteen fields – in that order.

Just follow the obvious well worn path – which is used by local farmers too – to the river.   On the way you will pass a couple of handpainted signed one of which is near a narrow concrete footbridge and says the waterfall is only 50 metres away.   It isn’t.   Once you reach the river bank go down the moss covered steps and cross, you will get your feet wet, then make your way upstream a short distance. The first level is easily visible and a climb up another set of concrete steps by the first fall and this will bring you to the upper levels.   Here there are a couple of small pools where you can swim.

The falls aren’t huge but from May to November, when you can be assured that they have plenty of water in them, it makes for a pleasant detour on a trip around the island.



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