*CLOSED* Family Friendly Bows & Arrows at KC Archery

Learn archery with recurve bows at KC Archery, Klong Prao

* As of mid 2021, the archery has now closed *

The newest sport / activity on the island is Archery.

Andy, from has now branched out and transplanted another the outdoor activities his UK business runs to Koh Chang.  In the UK, Archery is very popular in schools and as a team building exercise for companies and organisations.  The aim is to do something similar here – as well as providing a new activity for visitors to the island to try.

Anyone is welcome to turn up and try their hand with one of the recurve ( i.e Robin Hood style ) bows at hew range, located on the main road just south of Klong Prao village.  It is open from early morning until evening and has English speaking staff on hand to provide safety training and basic instruction.

One of the big pluses of archery is that it is a great leveller.  It’s ideal for families, as anyone from 8 – 80 can do it. Age and physical fitness aren’t major factors in determining how good you are at it. My attempt at shooting arrows at KC Archery

Why try Archery?

In schools Archery is used to teach discipline.  It isn’t something you can rush if you want to be good at it and you need to follow the rules.  Kids learn quickly that if they try to take shortcuts they don’t hit the target.  Once they slow down, focus and follow the instructor’s advice it’s only then that they will hear the satisfying ‘THWACK‘ as the arrow hits the target.

For adults it’s not only a good test of concentration, there are also ample opportunities for adding a few games into the session to add a competitive edge.   Even if you have never tried before it’ll only take 10 minutes practice before you are hitting the target.

There are also plans to transform the space at night into a flood light area for 5 a side football and badminton.  Groups will then be able to rent the entire area for just 500 Baht / hour and enjoy a private kickabout or badminton tournament with friends.

And as the equipment is portable there’s a plan to hold archery sessions at local schools for kids to try their hand for free.  Which is a great way to introduce a new activity to kids and a way of giving back to the local community.


Adults:  300 Baht – 30 Minutes:   500 Baht – 1 Hour

Kids :  200 Baht – 30 Minutes:  300 Baht – 1 Hour






  • Hi I have been to your archery course a few years ago, i am coming to Koh chang on the 19th December for 3 weeks are you open, And is it ok if i bring my own equipment (Bow and Arrows etc..) ?

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