Kayak Chang Symposium 2016

KayakChang symposium in July / August 2016, Koh Chang

Kayak Chang is the only provider of guided sea kayaking tours in Eastern Sea Board Thailand and our aim is to offer a distinctive and unforgettable experience. To achieve this Kayak Chang has invested in quality technical equipment, that is fit for purpose. They employ only skilled and experienced guides and trainers who are highly qualified under the British Canoe Union system (BCU).

During the High Season, KayakChang offers a wide range of guided tours to the islands south of Koh Chang.  However, they also now organise a symposium for anyone with an interest in kayaking and learning either more of the technical skills or taking a certified BCU course.

With a wide variety of courses and sessions, the symposium has many opportunities for kayakers of all abilities. The range of activities include practical on-the-water sessions, lectures, workshops and evening presentations.

This year they will running the very first BCU 4 star sea leader assessment.



25th – 29th of July 2016
1st -5th of August 2016 (BCU 4 star assessment)


Emerald Cove Resort, Klong Prao beach, Koh Chang


BCU 3 Star Sea Training and Assessment (5 days)

Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate can consider themselves as an able improving sea paddler rather than a beginner. During assessment the candidate would be able to demonstrate personal competence paddling in wind conditions of no more than Beaufort Force 3 or Sea State 3 as part of a led group.

BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader Training (5 days)

To achieve BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader candidates are required to attend BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader Training. This involves at least 2 days of formal training in personal skills, leadership, and safety and rescue. Some training courses also include the prerequisite BCU Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course (extending the programme by an additional day).

BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader Assessment (5 days)

Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate has the personal skill level and leadership ability required to lead a group of paddlers, on short (6 to 8 miles, of at least 3 hours paddling), single or multi-day journeys in a moderate tidal water environment with winds not exceeding Beaufort Force 4.



Visit for full details of these courses and other , shorter Beginner, Intermediate and Advance training courses being held at the symposium.


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