HTMS Chang . . . Thailand’s Newest Wreck Dive

naval wreck on Koh Chang

Today, 15 July, the HTMS Chang arrived on Koh Chang, towed by tugs from a dockyard near Bangkok.  This former US and Thai navy vessel will soon become Thailand’s newest wreck dive and the first Thai naval vessel sunk of Koh Chang since their encounter with the French navy in 1941.

The plan is to sink the 100 metre long ship a few kilometres southwest of Koh Chang on 16 August, no doubt accompanied by a great deal of ceremonial goings on.  This will then provide divers with a new attraction and reason to visit Koh Chang and also become an artificial reef.

However, from now until 14 August the vessel is open for anyone to go and take a look around.  It is moored at the navy pier, approx 3 minutes drive south of Ao Sapporot ferry pier on the east coast of the island.  Just park up, walk down the pier and you’ll come to the wobbly metal ladder that you use to climb a couple of metres up from the pier to the deck.   Once on-board you are free to wander around wherever you like.  There’s none of those annoying ‘Health & Safety’ regulations in place, so take care if you have young kids as the ladders are steep and there aren’t always safety rails where you might expect them.

More info on the boat: USS Lincoln County on Wikipedia

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