Koh Chang’s Ghost Resort

Visit Koh Chang's ghost hotel - Koh Sao Khao Resort

Koh Sai Khao Resort. (White Sand Island Resort)

So you’ve seen the Ghost Ship but are now looking for an equally interesting place, but one that dozens of fellow Youtubers and wannabe travel influencers haven’t already to been to.  Here you go . . . an abandoned resort on a private island. 

The resort, located on the island of Koh Phrao Nok in Salakphet bay was last used over 20 years ago.  There used to be a couple of staff around to keep it tidy, but I haven’t seen anyone there during my visits in the past decade.  The nearby Parama Resort also used to rent the beach area and use that for their guests.  

Koh Sai Khao Resort was the place to be in the 1990s.  The most exclusive resort in the area. A small private island with just one resort which was owned by the Governor of Trat province. 

Guests, almost all Thai and on package tours, were brought in from the mainland by private boat.  This was at a time before car ferries and before the west coast beaches were easily accessible by a paved road. 

Activities at Sai Khao Resort included swimming at the small beach, fishing off the pier, kayaking in the shelter of Salakphet bay, eating locally caught seafood and also taking a snorkelling trip to nearby islands such as Koh Laoya and Koh Wai.

However, in the early 2000s the island was sold to a large Thai conglomerate which was buying up large plots of land across Koh Chang. They also bought another nearby island and most of the land around Long beach, on the west coast of Salakphet bay. 

The resort, which was built in the late 80s, is crumbling, a lot of ceilings have fallen in. But there are still some furnishings, old leaflets and hand written notes lying around in rooms. In addition to the old rooms and bungalows, you’ll be able to see the main restaurant area, small reservoir, rusting machinery, offices, store rooms, dining room with rooftop terrace etc  There is also a concrete path which circumnavigates the island.  However, if you want to try to follow it you’ll need a machete to cut through the undergrowth. 

According to one ledger I found in a store room, the last time a stock take was done for the bed linen was in late 2001.  The company that originally ran the resort was wound up in 2003.  Since then it’s been abandoned. 


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How to go there

Located in Salakphet Bay. Rent a kayak from Salakphet Seafood or one of the small resorts on the bay and paddle about 15 – 20 minutes.


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