Chai Chet Viewpoint

There’s more to Chai Chet than just a gas station, builder’s merchant and umpteen hole in the wall beer bars.   OK, maybe not that much more.   But here’s something for anyone staying around the north end of Klong Prao beach who fancy   a bit of a walk up a hill with some good sunset views over the islands.

The area around the north end of the beach – where Coconut Beach Resort, Chai Chet Resort are located is called Chai Chet.   Above Chai Chet Resort is a hill.   It’d be good if there was an easy way to get up it to see the views, but from the beach there isn’t any obvious path.   All you need to do to get to the top is to take the same route used by the ATV Adventure place.   But rather than paying 1,500 Baht for the privilege you can walk for free.

This isn’t a very detailed guided walk.   Just enough instructions to get you exploring on your own.

We’ll start from the north end of Klong Prao beach. Outside the large Beautiful Optical’ opticians, located opposite the V Mart Supermarket and branch of Siam Commercial Bank.   You can’t miss it, the optician’s signs is huge – presumably so people with poor eyesight can see it.

From here walk north, around the right hand corner, past the sign for ‘Blue Resort’ and you’ll see the ATV Rental place on your right.   Immediately after this there is a paved concrete road leading off to the right.   Take this.

Follow this road, it takes you past several ramshackle karaoke shops which is where the local guys and workers go not only to sing but also to find a girl to rent for the night.   Keep heading along this road for 10 minutes or so and after the road becomes a dirt track you’ll come to a track leading uphill on the left.   On the opposite side are a couple of farmer’s houses.   These guys look after the rubber plantations nearby.

Now you just head up the hill.   It really isn’t rocket science from this point on as once at the top you’ll find a couple more paths you can easily explore and you’ll see some of the views in the photos below.

If you decide to stay on the track below you, then you eventually come to the sea.   There are a handful of simple homes here used by fishermen and farmers. The very narrow concrete road is a private access to a house on the cliff to the north.   Follow it and you’ll come to chained gate with no way past. But there are some nice views from it.


  • Hi Shawn

    Yes there are bungalows behind the gas station and also some apartments adjacent to the gas station. It’s just a matter of walking in and taking a look when you arrive. Not sure how much but I think around 7 – 8,000 Baht / month for the bungalows. Apartments are cheaper.

  • Hi there

    I like your website on Koh Chang and was interested in your piece on Chai Chet.

    I am coming to Koh Chang in November and i heard about some bungalows behind the gas station i could rent for 1 year.

    Do you have a contact or even know how much is the monthly rent?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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