White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach Resort

White Sand Beach Resort, Koh Chang

White Sand Beach Resort is all about location, location and  . . . . . . . location. Most of the bungalows come a distant second place to the beautiful, peaceful private 500 metre long beach which is the overwhelming reason to stay here.

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This area, the very far north of White Sand beach is only accessible by an amazingly steep, 600 metre long  single lane, access road or by walking 15 minutes along the beach from the main, busier area of White Sand beach.

Bungalow at White Sand Beach Resort

If you just want to open the door of your air-con bungalow and have sea and white sand outside your door then this is the place to be. It is also possible to kayak further north, past the headland to discover hidden coves and a sea cave.   On the hillside behind the resort monkeys are a common sight.

The main negative, aside from distance to shops and amenities, is that the bungalows might be a bit basic for some.  Although some rooms have now been upgraded and the flowery blankets and mock-satin bedspreads have been replaced with more modern bed linen and furnishings.  Also, don’t expect any pampering from the staff and expect to have to do some walking to get to/from restaurants and shops in the evening.

So it’s not for everyone, but for active families/couples who don’t need LCD TVs  or arty, designer touches in their rooms it’s OK.  And it’s definitely one of the better options on Koh Chang for beach lovers who enjoy the simple life on a budget.

Room at White Sand Beach Resort

Bad 😞 - 1. Not safe for kids
2. No play activity for family
3. Beach dirty and not safe
4. Staff don't talk English and can't help with our questions
The facility wasn't the best, but acceptable. The stuff should be improved their services. 😀 - The beach looked natural, but not the best. The location of the beach especially the place we stayed is far away from the market and restaurants, but it is silence enough for your night time.
😞 - The staff their seem to be careless with us. The check-in time was delayed almost 3 hours.
Pleasant 😀 - Food
😞 - Wifi in rooms
Very disappointing and derelict 😀 - It was on the beach.
😞 - It was very far from the main part of white sand beach, and almost impossible to get to at high tide - when we arrived. They hotel stated their was a free transfer service, however we were charged for the transfer. The Hotel was extremely run down, the restaurant was closed the whole time, and we were far from any other facilities. The rooms are extremely dated, and mattresses were quite uncomfortable. We could not lock our room door, which was fine on this occasion as there appeared to only be one other family in the hotel.
Excellent location but needs updating 😀 - Excellent location
😞 - This is our 3rd visit over the last 8 years & the beach huts are looking tired and would benefit from a refurbishment
Superb 😀 - Location right on the beach, what dreams are made of.
😞 - Nothing at all

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  • The area and beach are great. The bungalows howver are not good at all. Very basic and not very clean. The service in the restaurant is also pretty bad and thr waiters have a way of making you feel guilty for dragging them away from their newspapers to actually take your order.

    Having said all this, the beach is great, the views are great and I really enjoyed my time there except for the sand in the bed and the stains on the sheets.

  • i stayed at White Sand Beach Resort 2 years back, and i loved it!
    early in the morning , you wake up and hear the sea just outside your room ,


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