White Sand Beach

Pingpong’s House

Pingpong's House, White Sand beach, Koh Chang

Pingpong’s House is one of the few guesthouses on the busy White Sand beach.  Located on an inland track, 5 minutes walk to the centre of the beach.  Your host Mr ‘Pingpong’, is one of the most effervescent, enthusiastic and helpful people you will meet on your travels.   

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I’ve known Pingpong, the owner since I moved to Koh Chang.  Back then he worked as a tour guide and helped out at a small beach restaurant near our guesthouse.   He always wanted to have his own guesthouse and , a decade or so later he managed to achieve his dream.  

Twin room at Pingpong's House guesthouse, White Sand beach

Pingpong’s House is a large guesthouse built on a track that runs inland, adjacent to Kacha Resort, on White Sand beach.  His guesthouse is at the end of the track and from the upper floors guests have views of the nothing but jungle.  Macaques are common visitors to the garden which is full of varieties of orchids and other tropical plants.   

Rooms start at under 1,000 Baht/night and all have air-conditioning, fridge, wifi and cable TV.  They’re clean and comfortable and ideal as a base to explore the island.  Grab a scooter, pick Mr Pingpong’s brains for places to see and head off to explore. 

This type of accommodation obviously isn’t for everyone.  But if you like to learn about the place you are visiting and aren’t planning to spend all day lying on a sunbed, then it’s a good choice for budget conscious visitors. 

Guests often comment on Pingpong’s generosity and local knowledge.  So if you’re looking for a more personal, guesthouse experience, rather than just being another room number at a resort, it’s definitely recommended.  Note that the guesthouse is at the end of a track which passes workers’ housing and has a few street dogs around, so whilst it is safe, it’s a bit rough and ready.  

Jungle view from Pingpong's House guesthouse , White Sand beach

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