White Sand Beach

Mac Resort

Mac Resort, White Sand beach, Koh Chang

Mac Resort is a small beachfront resort with hotel rooms and a handful of bungalows.   At first appearances it   looks pretty nice, they even have a chandelier in reception, but although it is relatively new the rooms are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.  That plus having so many rooms, 80 in total, crammed into a relatively small area, is never a recipe for getting rave reviews.  But, it’s a great location in the centre of White Sand beach and room rates are reasonable.

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Deluxe room at Mac Resort, White Sand beach

Add to this the fact that prices are pretty high for the standard of room.  You’re paying for the prime location in the centre of White Sand beach with everything you could wish for being no more than a stone’s throw away.

Not a place for families but good for singles or couples who just want sunshine and a beach holiday on a Thai island, and aren’t looking to discover the essence of Koh Chang.   Next door is Sabay Bar, the busiest beach bar on the island, so don’t expect to be tucked up in bed early.

Pool and beachfront at Mac Resort, Koh Chang

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