White Sand Beach

Cookies Hotel

Cookies hotel, White Sand beach, Koh Chang

Cookies Hotel is in a prime spot in the centre of White Sand beach. An ideal place to survey the madness around you. And it’s bright pink. 

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As with many resorts it began life as dull concrete beach bungalows, but a new hotel block was added on the inland side of the road and in 2007 the old beachfront bungalows were replaced with a free-form pool and hotel rooms literally 20 metres from the sea.   Then in 2014 it was all painted pink.  Bright Barbie pink.  Still, I guess it makes it easy to spot when you are staggering home after a night out.

Inland Hotel block at Cookies hotel, Koh Chang

Not luxurious by any means and the rooms could do with refurbishing.  But pretty good value for this area. No real need to pay a premium for being by the pool and restaurant area, when you can get a Standard room with large balcony for far less.  Even the laziest person should be able to manage to walk 30 metres to the beach in the morning.

Rooms have everything you need and the beachfront bar and restaurant ‘Sun n’ Soul’ serves up some surprisingly good Thai and fusion food plus inexpensive cocktails. Sit here and watch the fire shows from Sabay Bar next door.

Not for anyone wanting an early night or who enjoys sitting outside with a good book in peace and quiet.  But if you’re on a budget and want to spend your days commuting between beach, pool, bars and your room, then well worth considering. 

Beachfront rooms at Cookies Hotel, White Sand beach, Koh Chang

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