White Sand Beach

Baan Na

Baan Na, White Sand beach, Koh Chang

Baan Na is a throwback to the days when Koh Chang was just being discovered by backpackers.  The simple rooms are built right on the beach at the chilled northern end of White Sand beach

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If you have already read the guide to the northern half of White Sand beach you’ll have seen me mention the older places to the north of KC Grande Resort.  These are a handful of ‘old skool’ guesthouses which are built on the hillside above the beach.  There’s no road access, guests have to walk along the beach to get there.

Baan Na, run by a elderly Thai lady called ‘Na’is one of the best options in this area.

Room with a beach view at Baan Na, White Sand beach, Koh Chang.

Accommodation is very basic, but the rooms are clean.  However the main reason to stay here is that it offers a totally different experience to staying in the main part of White Sand beach.  Despite being only 10 minutes walk from the busy area the beach at Baan Na is quiet and there’s no noise at night apart from the sounds of the sea.

Baan Na offers rooms with either a shared or private bathroom.  All are priced well under 1,000 Baht/night. However they are all fan cooled – just like in the olden days.  Guests stay here for the simplicity and friendly vibes, not for the  comfort or luxury.

For backpackers on a budget, there’s no need to head to Lonely beach, Baan Na offers a far more authentic laid back beach experience and with a nicer beach.  

Obviously, nowadays most visitors to Koh Chang prefer more comfort.  But Baan Na is recommended if you want the bare necessities and enjoy spending your days lazing on the sand and chilling out.  

Basic but clean room at Baan Na.

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