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Mac Resort

Mac Resort

Mac Resort

Mac Resort is a small beachfront resort with hotel rooms and a handful of bungalows.   At first appearances it   looks pretty nice, they even have a chandelier in reception, but although it is relatively new the rooms are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.  That plus having so many rooms, 80 in total, crammed into a relatively small area, that’s never a recipe for getitng great reviews.  Too many people in a small area.  But, it is a recipe for making money.

Add to this the fact that prices are pretty high for the standard of room.  You’re paying for the prime location in the centre of White Sand beach with everything you could wish for being no more than a stone’s throw away.

Not a place for families but good for singles or couples who just want   a beach holiday on a Thai island and aren’t looking to discover the essence of Koh Chang.     Next door is Sabay Bar, the busiest beach bar on the island, so don’t expect to be tucked up in bed early.

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IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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By Nadia, Germany

Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed by it. We were looking forward to this adventure trip to Koh Chang but we were a bit disappointed with our accommodation at Mac Resort. But it was partly my fault. We didn’t book ahead of time.

My family and I headed to Thailand a few months ago for a family reunion. One of my family members is working in this country. Since she couldn’t come back home to attend the reunion, we’re bringing the meeting to her. Or something like that.

When we got to the resort, it was almost full. The queue was kind of long that we had to wait for at least half an hour before we were accommodated. We had to fill out a few forms before the lady handed us the keys to our rooms. We wanted to stay in a superior twin room but no more vacancy. So, we had no choice but to stay in two grand superior double rooms. Yes, they were expensive. And yes, it was our fault. If we booked online, we could have gotten cheaper rooms, like their deluxe or superior.

The resort offers a choice of sea or pool to swim, it was ideal for us who like water so much. The location of the resort wasn’t too secluded. Thus, it was expensive. But I think it was worth it, since we didn’t have to walk miles away to find great places to eat.

The entire resort looked fine. But we weren’t so comfortable. The staff here was kind of rude to us ever since we got here. But not all of them, though. Some of them were a bit welcoming. It was probably because we didn’t look like we could pay for our stay here. Yes, we looked like beggars when we arrived. We didn’t have a BMW to drop us off.

Anyway, our room was lovely. It should be. After all, we paid an expensive price for it. What makes it very lovely is the spa bathtub. Our bathroom also had hot/cold water shower facility. But the water pressure wasn’t good. Since we were in a big room, we had direct pool access. It was an infinity pool that overlooks the sea. Unfortunately, you have to come here early or you’ll be greeted with plenty of people trying to swim here too.

When you look at the site of the resort, you’d find some photos of one of its rooms with towels shaped in swans. But it wasn’t like that when we first entered our room. The towels were just folded and placed on top of our bed, though they were arranged nicely.

Our bed, by the way, was outstanding and beautiful. It offered true comfort to our bodies while sleeping, until we smelled the pillows. The pillows were soft but the pillow cases smelled like saliva. We complained about it and the staff gave us a new set of pillow cases. But they gave them to us as if we asked for gold. They weren’t rude, actually. It wasn’t just the kind of treatment that we’ve been hoping for.

Since the location is somehow near the main road, it was too noisy, even at night. The noise didn’t just come from the road but it also came from the bar and disco next to Mac Resort. It was a real disruption to our sleep. It only quiet down when it was past 2 am. Even if your room is at the far end of the resort, it’s still noisy.

Our room had access to the Internet, free of charge. However, the Internet speed wasn’t too good. To get a good connection, you had to go to the reception area and browse the Internet there. It was slightly annoying considering the fact that we’ve paid significant amount of money for our room that should have come with good Wi-Fi connection.

Our complimentary breakfast was also poor. A plate of cheese and omelet with half a cup of rice wasn’t enough to fill our hungry stomach. If we wanted more, we had to pay for more.
However, it wasn’t all that bad, if you eat here in the evening. The restaurant served delicious freshly caught seafood grill. Our stomach was so full we couldn’t take another spoon of the dessert we’ve ordered. Their cocktails were also good.

Despite our issues with the staff, the entire resort was okay. If you’re going to stay here, book online and stay in cheaper rooms. That is, if you don’t want to put a hole in your wallet when you leave.

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