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Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, White Sand beach

Koh Chang Lagoon Resort

Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, White Sand beach

Koh Chang Lagoon Resort is situated smack in the centre of White Sand beach.  If you want to be in the thick of the action and have all the amenities you require within 2 minutes walk then it doesnt get better than this.

However, the resort is a bit dated.  As you’ll see from the room photos.  It was built at a time when Thai visitors, with their love of ice cold aircon and cave-like rooms were the target guests.   But as far as location goes the beachfront rooms do represent good value for money. 

There are  a couple of beachfront bungalows which are very popular but if yu are planning your holidaya long time in advance, try to grab one. They’re literally a couple of steps from the sand. 

There’s a new annex, called Koh Chang Princess, on the opposite side of the road which features run of the mill 3 star hotel rooms.  Again, great location and good if you just need a mid-price room close to the beach.

A big plus is the new beachfront pool that was built in 2014.  This makes a huge difference and is great for kids or those wanting to do laps.  ( Freeform pools are undeniably pretty but they’re useless for people who actually want to swim in a pool. )

Overall, if you’re on a medium budget and want to be beachfront in a busy location, then go for it.  But not a place to stay if you’re looking for peace and quiet.

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By Penny T., Canada

My group of friends and I were searching for an adventure in Thailand. It was kind of like what Leo DiCaprio did in The Beach movie. But, instead of going to Koh Phi Phi, we explored Koh Chang.

Yeah, it wasn’t the same as Phi Phi, we realised that early on. But we wanted a place where have easy access to a white sand beach to help us feel like we’re in the movie. So, we decided to get a room at Koh Chang Lagoon Resort.

It’s located in a fine sandy beach of Koh Chang. The place is quite large with very clean sandy beach. It was absolutely stunning in the morning sunshine. The resort is beachfront so we didn’t have to walk for a few meters to get to the sea for a swim.

Online, we booked two standard hotel rooms to accommodate four people. However, when we arrived at the establishment, we were so amazed by seaview villa’s photos found at the front desk. So, we decided to upgrade from the standard room to the villa. Thankfully, they still had a vacant villa at that time.
The seaview villa was located on the second floor of the building. But we didn’t mind. We face the sea, which was more important to us. We also had TV, which wasn’t what you’d call state of the art. It was, well, an old television set from the 1980s that we rarely turned on.

The spacious villa is also equipped with a mini-fridge with lots of food in it. And the beds? They were super comfortable. Inside the bathroom, we found water heater and shower. No Jacuzzi or bathtub. It didn’t matter. What really mattered most was that the bathroom was clean. It didn’t have a smell of a bathroom.
Since our room was located at the second floor, noise from the hotel the restaurant wasn’t an issue.

The resort has a beach restaurant that serves mostly seafood. Very fresh and dishes incorporated Thai and Western cuisines. Although the food here was quite expensive, it was all worth it, considering the taste of each meal. Sumptuous, indeed!

Going back to our room, we didn’t have Internet access. But the hotel did have an Internet room, which is open up to 10 pm. We didn’t use such service. After all, we were there for the beach and not for Facebook. However, i can’t think of many hotels that don’t offer a good wifi connection nowadays. Fortunately, a friend had a Thai SIM in their phone and with the hotspot open we got great 4G speed. ( Thank you True mobile )

There were no beach chairs, so we just lie down on the sand on the towels given to us by the resort. That was fine. But I wish the management would consider putting some chairs or beds to help us, their guests, to truly unwind while staying at the resort.

We signed up for diving and snorkeling activities with BB Divers, it was an absolute beauty. The dive sites we visited were stunning compared to those we’d seen before in our limited diving careers. We rented scooters, 200 Baht per day, from a shop adjacent to the resort and hit the road, taking in the hills and slopes of Koh Chang. Deffo, the best way to see the island.

Each staff we encountered at the hall was extremely nice. They were also very helpful in satisfying our needs, like coffee, towels, etc. The resort, itself, was well-kept and very clean. The smell of flowers was nice. It was very welcoming.

One thing was missing in this hotel was good fitness center. The swimming pool is located just a few meters away from the sea. So, while we were in the pool, we got to do a bit of people watching, there are some weird and wonderful sights on White Sand beach at all times of day.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay and would go back if we found a good deal on the beachfront villas. As far as the other rooms go, because they’re old fashioned, you can pay the same price at one of the newer resorts just along the beach. Try the new Apple Resort.

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