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Koh Chang Kacha Resort and Spa, White Sand beach

Kacha Resort, White Sand beach

Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa

Koh Chang Kacha Resort has been one of the most popular resorts on the island since it first opened.   A few years ago the addition of a huge new hillside wing, featuring some extremely spacious and good value Family Suites, increased the popularity of this 4 star resort.  And in late 2014, the new beachfront rooms opened.

The downside though is whilst the size of the hotel has more than doubled, it only has a relatively short frontage onto the beach and the small beachfront pool area is regularly packed.   The new annex has it’s own very large pool, which looks onto nothing more exciting than the rear of some roadside shop units.

The beachfront features hotel rooms and a couple of types of chalets and villas.   In the Hillside annex which opened in late 2009, you’ll find Deluxe rooms and various types of Suites.  These Deluxe rooms and the 80sqm Family Suites are good value for money.  

The villas and chalets are more akin to very nice nice hotel rooms which open out onto a garden area that leads down to the beach.  I was hoping for a more interesting design but whilst they won’t ‘Wow’ you with their architectural splendour, there’s no doubting the appeal of a comfortable room in a great beachfront location.

Main downside is that due the the limited amount of poolside area with seaviews, pre-dawn sunbed wars are guaranteed. In addition the beach directly outside the hotel is nowhere near as good as that further to the north   But Kacha has room prices and types to suit various budgets and is a safe bet for couples and families wanting a good, conveniently located beach resort.

High season room rates from around 3,500 Baht / night upwards

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By Diane, Singapore

Let’s start off by saying that I loved my stay at Kacha Resort.

It was my first time here. Upon checking out, I wanted to come back soon. The entire experience I had was amazing. I stayed here off-season, as advised by my friends. Thus, there were plenty of rooms available. I didn’t book ahead because I know that they have plenty of vacancies. And I was right. However, I just wished that I made a booking online so I could get better deals for the room.

I was with my hubby when I stayed here. It wasn’t our honeymoon but it felt like one. We simply wanted to be in a quiet place for a few days.
The resort and spa was located in the heart of White Sand Beach. When we arrived here, we immediately thought about our honeymoon in Paris. “Why didn’t we hold our wedding here, instead of France?” Well, it was too late now to think of it but the resort was gorgeous.

We arrived there early. But the staff was so nice they still accommodated us and didn’t charge us extra for an early check-in.

Since it’s a beachfront resort, we got to have a wonderful sea view. When my husband and I travel and stay in a hotel, we always stay in a stunning room. And we did choose the resort’s deluxe beachfront villa. Although the price was over our budget, we made the right decision as we get to go to the beach easily and the views were great. Its swimming pool is very accessible from our room.

The room was big with air-conditioning system. It had mini bar and a safe deposit box. The room is also equipped with a coffee maker, however, we needed to purchase our own coffee to brew. We also had a hair dryer. This was a good thing considering I left my blow dryer at home.

When we entered our room I immediately went to see the bathroom. And it was clean and beautiful. It was as if no one had ever used it before. It was large with a separate bath tub. The bathroom also had a walk-in shower with heater. I thought that we’d never use the heater since the place has a warm climate. But I was wrong. It was indeed useful during a night shower as the place was cool during evening due to the sea breeze.

The television in our room offered a great selection of local and international channels. However, the majority of channels being shown were local. Since we didn’t know any Thai words, we skipped it.

The staff of the resort was super friendly. They helped us in any way they can to make our stay a marvelous one. They even suggested some places where we could truly appreciate Koh Chang. One of them offered to be our tour guide and we did take him up on that offer for a trip to Bangbao.

I must mention that the Wi-Fi connection was quite horrible. We didn’t have any connection at all in our room. Too bad, as I like to communicate with friends back home through Skype. My husband and I had to go out and look for a strong signal so we could talk to our friends & family.

Despite the spacious room, we didn’t spend all our time here. Come to think of it, we weren’t here to stay in our bedroom. We came here to explore the island. If you visit this place and spend all your time in your hotel room, then you have a problem. The island has a lot of things to offer and you’d be missing a lot if you don’t walk around.

The resort’s food was the best. They served us a huge variety of food. The best thing is that they switch its menu every single day, so you won’t get bored having the same meal each day. The resort is located near other restaurants so we didn’t have to stick to one restaurant throughout our stay. We had plenty to choose from. We got to try dining in one restaurant with live music. They played some great Thai pop music. A very enjoyable night out.

I also appreciate the fact that they served vegetarian food options. I’m not a vegetarian but my husband and I are both watching our diet. So, those options really helped us in staying within our fitness goals throughout our stay here.

The staff was friendly but quite a few didn’t speak much English. But this is not unusual in Thailand, I notice that even in hotels in Bangkok. However, we would definitely come back here.

Oh, I almost forgot, their beds were truly comfortable. :-)

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  • We stayed in the newly open Hillside part in December 09. Very family orientated, especially by the pool. If you were to spend few hours aroun the pool it does indeed feels like you’re in package holiday resort in Costa del Sol rather than Koh Chang. The other pool by the beach side is far too small and over crowded.

    Staff werent particularly helpful or friendly, which is unusual for Thais. The room was nice, but having spent the same amount of money in Chang Buri down the road for much better quality rooms couple of nights before….we felt abit let down.

    Worth staying if you get a good deal otherwise save your money for something better!

  • 2009 was our second year in a row to the Kacha resort which has changed for the worse. Slow service (over an hour to get a sandwich which arrived eventually with no apology). Some staff were surly and rude (but certainly not all). Not all the facilities advertised were available. For the money you must pay to “enjoy” this resort we all felt rather cheated this year, and will not return.

    P.S. Avoid star beauty and salon which is located very near the resort. They are not to be trusted.

  • My kids loved this resort. 2010 will be our third time on koh Chang and third time at Kacha. Enjoy!

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