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Changburi Resort

Changburi Resort & Spa

Changburi Resort

Note than Changburi is basically two resorts – Changburi hillside and Changburi Resort.  In the paste they operated under the same name but have now been split into separate entities.  This page is for the much nicer, more expensive Changburi Resort.

Down by the beach you have accommodation in luxury villas, some with private plunge pools. Adjacent to this is a large pool, deck area and at the rear of the property are the hotel rooms. The Hillside block is on the opposite side of the main road.

If your priorities lie with firstly getting a very good room and the beach is secondary then the villas are a excellent option.   But you probably won’t be going in the sea very often.   The ‘beach’ at this far southern end of White Sand beach is rocky with very little sand.

The resort offers comfort and privacy, which is rare on White Sand beach . So if you want to stay in luxury on the busiest beach on Koh Chang but like to be just a few minutes walk away from the hustle and bustle, then this is a good choice.

Note that there is a small beer bar area – Little Pattaya – very close to the resort.  This can get a bit noisy in High Season but is relatively low key and not too in your face.

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By Anna, Leeds, UK

I couldn’t describe how I really felt when I finally got to be in Thailand and stayed at Chang Buri Resort. It’s one of the places I was looking forward to when traveling to Asia.

I booked for a villa with garden view so that my kids wouldn’t bombard me with some excuses to leave the place. I knew they were going to love it. And they did. Chang Buri resort was actually recommended by one of my Twitter followers. When I researched about the resort online, I got to say that it looked good. And I was right. The online photos were stunning. And the resort didn’t disappoint me and my family throughout our stay there.

If I had a list of the sexiest, cleanest hotels I have stayed in, I would definitely include this resort in it. I received a confirmation of my reservation through email and I was very pleased by the staff who sent it to me as she also included tips on how to go there. The hotel staff also asked if I we had some preferences that they needed to set up before our stay. I told them none. The only thing that we require is that our room must be clean. And she did assure me that it would be.

Arriving and seeing its beautiful garden before entering the property was quite brilliant. No one greeted us at the gate but when one of the staff saw us arriving, he escorted us to the reception area, which was quiet and lovely. I could smell the beautiful scents of flowers that were placed on top of the desk.

One of the many things I loved about this resort upon arrival was that the receptionist asked me if I’d like our breakfast to be delivered to our villa and what time. That was really clever and useful for them and for us too since every guest has his/her own schedules. While some people love to have their breakfast at 10am, my family and I don’t. Thus, asking for our schedule did work for us.

From the reception area, I really thought that my family and I were given by the staff a genuine welcome. And we felt it throughout our stay. They were indeed lovely people. Since it was quite a small resort, the service was quite personal, and we love that.

We got help from a staff member in carrying our bags to our villa. We were also told that if we needed to connect to the Internet, we had to go to the public areas to connect. It’s free of charge. Well, we didn’t have to. But I was just a bit disappointed that our room didn’t have Wi-Fi. I mean we were staying in a villa, one of the resort’s most expensive rooms.

The first thing that caught my eye while going to our villa for the first time was the pool. It looked clean and very inviting for me, my kids and hubby.
Our room was superb. We have one king-size bed. We had our own patio. No Jacuzzi, unfortunately. The entire room was beautifully decorated. It looked like the kind of place that you’d never want to leave once you go there. But we did. After all, we were not there to just stay in our room.

We loved our stay here. There was some noise at night from a small bar area behind the resort. But this didn’t adversely affect our opinion of the resort. But note that there isn’t a sandy beach outside of the resort. If you decide to stay on White Sand and want a quieter, more luxurious option than other resorts, then I’d recommend Changburi.

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  • We stayed on the beach-side hotel. We stayed for 2 nights before moving to Kacha Hotel up the road. Loved every minute of our stay and wish we hadn’t moved!

    Although you cannot walk straight onto the beach the hotels pool is absilutely beautiful with amazing view, good spot for sunbathing and watching the sun go down. Very clean everywhere, staff are all exceptionally friendly but not pretencious and extremely helpful. The room was really lovely and stylish. Housekeeping did a good job of little finishing touches -much appreciated.

    Overall, very peaceful and classy.

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