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BanPu Resort Koh Chang

BanPu isn’t a resort to get over excited about.   It’s on the beach, although not the best section, and is conveniently located for shops, restaurants etc but it has   a very dated feel to it. Lots of dark wood used on the interiors – for the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture etc,   the architect went a bit overboard on the ‘natural feel’.

This is one of the places you’d end up if you book a package tour having ticked the box requesting an aging 3 star on the beach.   It’s got what you need, AC, mozzie nets, minibar, cable TV and a   very small pool – but unless you are easily pleased or on your first trip outside a former republic of the USSR, it’s unlikely you’ll be overly impressed by it.   But it does the job and compared to may resorts offers pretty good value for money.

However, pay just a bit more and you could stay in the nearby Kacha Resort or for the same money in the recently rebuilt Bamboo Resort or Apple resort – 100 metres along the beach.

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By Aiko, Japan

Banphu Resort provides a variety of rooms to their customers. I went to stay at Banphu resort for over a week. I went there with my husband and our two children. He works at Toyota in Rayong and Therefore, to take a break from our hectic schedule, we decided to take a tour of the beautiful Koh Chang district.

My husband’s brother who had been here on a trip with his friends recommended this resort to us. He applauded the staff and management for being courteous and efficient.
Anyways, the room in which we were staying was the family room. It consisted of a double bed and additional mattresses for the kids. The staff came to change the bedding after we had arrived so we knew they were clean and fresh. There was however, a socket by our bed, which did not work. This meant we had to charge all our gadgets via a single socket that was further away from the bed.

My phone had the alarm clock and we needed it to be close to our heads so that we could wake up on time for breakfast and other planned activities. We reported the faulty socket to the management and they said that they would look into it but they never did which was a disappointment.

The bathroom was nice and big. Both hot and cold water was available throughout the day. The cleaning team usually brought with them the necessary toiletries for example, shampoo, shower gel, fresh towels etc. They usually came and cleaned the room and the bathroom during the daytime. At that time, we were usually out on the island. It was very nice to come back to a nice and clean room after long hours of walking or trekking.

The food at the hotel restaurant was praiseworthy. Their traditional Thai cuisine was very scrumptious. They provided dine in for all three meals of the day. Their room service facility was only valid for breakfast and snacks. We usually had breakfast in the room, as we were still tired from touring the island the previous day. Our day started with lunch at their restaurant and then roaming the island and having dinner on our way back to the hotel in random restaurants.

The best thing about this hotel was its location. It was located right along the coastline, which meant it provided us with easy access to the beach. Although our kids loved the beach but we hardly got time from routine life to take them. This provided us with a great opportunity to play in the sun with our kids.

The hotel staff helped us get our stuff to our desired spot on the beach. The person even helped me arrange the chairs and spread the mat on the sand. We had a few good trips to the beach over the week.

Another facility which we made use of while staying at the hotel was their kayaking program. In this program, the hotel provided us with an instructor, which told us the basics of kayaking. He then divided my family in to two teams. Two against two, we competed against each other for the sake of enjoyment. The equipment for this activity was also courtesy of Banpu Resort. It was a very memorable day for my family and me.

The hotel also provided its customers with cooking lessons. They taught people how to cook delicious, healthy, traditional Thai cuisine. I almost took up on a weeklong course but then decided against it, as we were to spend this vacation as a family. :-)

The overall hotel experience was satisfactory. If I had known there would be less sockets to charge all our cell phones, I would have taken a splitter from home. Anyways, the ambiance was calm and relaxing. All the equipment provided to us was neat and clean every time.

It was a beautiful week spent with my beloved family and it could not have been better. The staff cooperated with us by helping us get our stuff to and from the beach. We owe the success of this trip to the management of Banphu Resort. It was a memorable experience.

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