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BanPu Resort, White Sand Beach

BanPu Resort Koh Chang

BanPu Resort


BanPu Resort Koh Chang

BanPu isn’t a resort to get over excited about.   It’s on the beach, although not the best section, and is conveniently located for shops, restaurants etc but it has   a very dated feel to it. Lots of dark wood used on the interiors – for the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture etc,   the architect went a bit overboard on the ‘natural feel’.

This is one of the places you’d end up if you book a package tour having ticked the box requesting an aging 3 star on the beach.   It’s got what you need, AC, mozzie nets, minibar, cable TV and a   very small pool – but unless you are easily pleased or on your first trip outside a former republic of the USSR, it’s unlikely you’ll be overly impressed by it.   But it does the job and compared to may resorts offers pretty good value for money.

However, pay just a bit more and you could stay in the nearby Kacha Resort or for the same money in the recently rebuilt Bamboo Resort or Apple resort – 100 metres along the beach.

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