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Keereeta Resort

Keereeta Resort

Keereeta Resort

Keereeta was one of the first real boutique hotels on the island. No doubt about it, it is a lovely design with all rooms being individually furnished and decorated.   So as far as the actual building goes, you wont be disappointed and the rooms represent good value for money.

However, the common gripe is that the staff aren’t up to much and getting anything done is a hassle.   This isn’t helped by the lack of internal phone system which means you have to wander off and find someone in reception if you want to book an early morning wake up call, get   a clean towel etc. This is to be expected in a budget bungalow but not in a boutique 3 star.   And some of the fixtures and fittings are begining to look dated.

The place only really comes alive when Bangkokians descend over long weekends.   It is very popular with middle class Thais who are driving and so have no need to be right on the beach.   You can see the sea from some hotel rooms but there is no sandy beach within walking distance. ( But less than 5 minutes by pick up truck taxi will bring you to either White Sand beach or Klong Prao beach.)

So overall, a pretty good small resort if you can organise and look after yourself.

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By Erika, Sweden

Summer is synonymous to beach. For us, it’s a season of the sun that’ll never be complete without the sands and waves of Koh Chang. My kids, hubby and I have been yearning for this season to come so we can build sand castles. Thankfully, we always have the opportunity to go to the beach each summer.

It wasn’t our first time in Koh Chang. Two years ago, my family and I traveled to Koh Chang for a family vacation. But it was our first time at Keereeta Resort.

Although it was an enjoyable experience, I would have second thoughts of coming here again. I made our reservation online. It was a few days before our scheduled traveled. I didn’t receive a reply from them through email. But they did send me an email a day before our travel to confirm our reservation. I couldn’t find a way to contact them on Facebook which was strange.

Checking in at Keereeta was quick but we didn’t receive any welcoming treat like cold water as it was too hot at the time of our arrival. But the receptionist was friendly and warm. If she were not, I would definitely walk out and cancel our reservation as the lack of attention to detail was already showing.

After paying for our four-night stay at top view room for a double bed with breakfast, she gave us our keys (yes keys, not card). The staff carried our luggage. There was an ongoing renovation on the other side of the resort so it was quite noisy while going to our room.

Our room was relatively spacious. It was brightly painted in different colors. It was fully furnished with air-conditioning system. It has two queen-size beds. They were all fine until we tried to lie down. The beds were as hard as a rock. Okay, I was exaggerating but it was hard. The pillows were not hard but they weren’t fluffy either. We asked the resort’s staff if they could give us something that’s soft but they couldn’t. That’s what all they have.

Anyway, our room had an old fashioned TV, not a LCD or LED screen but at leasat there was a good selection of cable channels. But no safety box or complimentary Wi-Fi. The bathroom had cold/hot facility.

The room rate was reasonable though. We had a terrace that overlooked the resort’s swimming pool. So, that was a good scene. Once my kids saw the pool, they immediately changed to their swimming outfit and excited to go to the pool.

Unfortunately, Keereeta doesn’t have a nearby beach. We had to take a taxi to White Sand beach a couple of kilometres away. It was quite crowded but the kids liked it and we stayed until they had finished building sandcastles.

One great thing about the room was the sunset view from the terrace. That was lovely.

After a long day of swimming & sandcastles, we were too sleepy to find cheap restaurants nearby. So we had no choice but to eat our dinner at the resort’s restaurant. The meal was good. But the steak was kind of overcooked, in my opinion.

We still had a restful sleep despite the uncomfortable beds. We woke up around 6 in the morning. My kids immediately went to the pool to have their morning swim and then we had our breakfast at the resort’s restaurant.

They served us with Thai breakfast. One thing I liked about it is that they gave us plate of fruits and coffee. Yes, instant coffee. Although the coffee tasted good, the serving size wasn’t too generous. I think it was just half a cup.

After breakfast, we explored the area and the nearby resorts. My husband and I had a massage while our kids were swimming in the pool. Thai massage is always great. All my muscle pain as a result of long travel was gone.

We had to shorten our stay here to two nights because of a family emergency back home. My husband had to thank me for shortening it as he couldn’t stand the bed. Despite the peaceful room that we had, the beds were that hard that we felt muscle pains when we left.

Nevertheless, Keereeta Resort in Koh Chang is a good value resort that you can stay for one to two nights. If you’re not comfortable resting on a hard bed, then this resort might not be an ideal option for you.

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