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Elephant Bay Resort

Elephant Bay Resort, Bailan, Koh Chang

Elephant Bay Resort in Bailan has a unique character, spacious garden, and large pool.  It is situated by a rocky shoreline in Bailan on the west coast of Koh Chang.  

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Elephant Bay Resort has 26 private rooms of which 13 have air-conditioning.  All rooms are ensuite. The restaurant and bar area has a funky, colorful look and invites you to mingle with other guests.  It’s a good spot to escape the sun and chill out, play pool and socialise with fellow travellers. 

Deluxe room at Elephant Bay Resort, Bailan

The rooms are also well known for their original and quirky décor. Each room has a wall design which was created by a different local artist.  So although rooms have the same amenities, they all have a different character.  However, the rooms are quite basic and some guests feel they are beginning to show their age.  But they are value for money.

Unlike most other budget resorts on Koh Chang, Elephant Bay Resort has a wall around it and just one main entrance and exit.  Meaning that it offers privacy and security to guests. 

So, if you’re on a budget of 1,000 Baht a night and need a pool, a place to meet fellow travelers and an AC room, Elephant Bay Resort might be worth a look.  

Bar, restaurant at Elephant Bay Resort

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