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Mercure Hideaway Resort, Bailan

Mercure Hideaway Koh Chang

Mercure Hideaway

Mercure Hideaway Koh Chang

The Mercure Hideaway  Resort in Bailan, 2km south of Lonely Beach, which, to my mind, tends to fall into the ‘Why stay here when there are better alternatives?’ classification.

Some people are big fans of the Mercure brand and I am sure they won’t be disappointed.   There’s good service and bright, airy rooms. But there is no aspect of this resort that really stands out as being truly 5 star and neither does it have an outstanding location which would thus elevate the resort onto any   ‘must stay at’ list.

The interiors of the guest rooms and the standard of the staff as as good as you will find on the island.   The rooms are all about soft furnishings,   light wood and contemporary furniture. Maybe   a bit too ‘Ikea’ for some.

The beach looks perfect at high tide, but looks a muddy, stoney mess at low tide – as it is artificial.   You wont be doing much swimming in the sea if you stay here.   But fortunately the pool is large and the pool deck houses a couple of jacuzzis so you   can watch the tide recede whilst relaxing  with your loved one.

Outside the resort you will be stuck for things to occupy you or spend money on.   There are a handful of backpacker hut resorts plus a few roadside restaurants but no souvenir shops – other than a couple in the resort itself.   That in itself could be  a bonus for anyone wanting to avoid roadsides covered in shops selling souvenir junk.

You want   a beach you can walk along at low tide?   You want to swim in the sea?   You want to easily be able to get to other beaches for a night out?   Answer ‘Yes’ to any of those and you’ll need to   cross the Mercure Hideaway off your shortlist now.

Having said that, it’s a very good choice for a short, peaceful getaway.

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