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Mercure Hideaway

The Mercure Hideaway Resort in Bailan, 2km south of Lonely Beach, which, to my mind, tends to fall into the ‘Why stay here when there are better located alternatives?’ classification.  and then I see the room rates and know the answer.  It’s great value for money.

Some people are big fans of the Mercure brand and I am sure they won’t be disappointed.   There’s good service and bright, airy rooms. But there is no aspect of this resort that really stands out as being truly 4 star and neither does it have an outstanding location which would thus elevate the resort onto any   ‘must stay at’ list.

The interiors of the guest rooms and the standard of the staff as as good as you will find on the island.   The rooms are all about soft furnishings,  light wood and contemporary furniture. Maybe a bit too ‘Ikea’ for some.

The beach looks perfect at high tide, but looks a muddy, stoney mess at low tide – as it is artificial.   You won’t be doing much swimming in the sea.   But fortunately the pool is large and the pool deck houses a couple of jacuzzis so you   can watch the tide recede whilst relaxing  with your loved one.

Outside the resort you will be stuck for things to occupy you or spend money on.   There are a handful of backpacker hut resorts plus a few roadside restaurants but no souvenir shops – other than a couple in the resort itself.   That in itself could be  a bonus for anyone wanting to avoid roadsides covered in shops selling souvenir junk.

You want a beach you can walk along at low tide?   You want to swim in the sea?   You want to easily be able to get to other beaches for a night out?   Answer ‘Yes’ to any of those and you’ll need to   cross the Mercure Hideaway off your shortlist now.

Having said that, it’s a very good choice for a short, peaceful getaway.  And with High Season room rates from under 2,000 Baht/night it’s defintely value for money.

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IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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By Stephen P., UK

Yes, it’s one of my favorite hotels in Koh Chang. Each winter, during our annual Thailand vacation, my family and I come here to chill and enjoy the beauty of the island. This is a perfect setting with classy atmosphere. We always go for the poolside villa.

The resort is surrounded by mountains. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll surely love this place. It’s situated at the southern end of Bailan Bay. I understand the point about the artificial beach, but really it’s fine for sunbathing and yes, you can swim at high tide. Although we usually stick with the pool.

Outdoor dining in their garden is a must when you stay here. It’s just lovely. You feel and smell the fresh air. Very rejuvenating.

The villa that we stayed provided us with an ocean view, which was nice and cozy. It was elegant. We simply loved the overall classy feeling that we have each time we stay here. We were also given free bathrobes, slippers and sandals. The overall cleanliness of our room was exceptional. It was spacious too with a modern decor.

The hotel has one restaurant and three bars. But their drinks and meals were quite expensive. So, we had to travel to nearby places just to eat without spending a lot. However, when our kids got hungry in the middle of the night, we had no choice but to order some food at their restaurant, which was open 24 hours.

I’m always pleased to stay here and the professional management team really do make an effort to provide their guests with the best experience possible regardless of which room type they’re staying in. I love their attention to detail too.

It’s off the beaten track, so is a bit of a hike to get to either Bangbao in the south or north to one of the busier beaches. You’ll need to use a taxi service. However, these can be infrequent at night.

The breakfast buffet was plentiful. Easily enough choice and variation for even the fussiest of eaters. I should note that the Mercure Hideaway is the only one I’ve seen on the island that has very good (in my opinion) access for people in wheelchairs. What else? The staff at the Kids Club do a good job of entertaining your little ones whilst you escape for an hour or two. If you need to work, then the wi-fi sadly ain’t the greatest. Plan on sitting ion the restaurant to get the best signal.

I’m sure if you ask other regular visitors, they’ll tell you that this is one of the best resorts on the island. As some reviewers note, and I agree with, it is a bit far from busy beaches. But this is our choice for a quiet few days and some quality family time. Which is why we love it.

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