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Faye (Kwaimaipar) Orchid Resort Spa Review

Faye Orchid Resort, Bailan, Koh Chang

Faye Orchid Resort is a roadside flashpacker bungalow resort in Bailan, 2km south of Lonely Beach.   This resort was formelry known as Kwaimaipar Orchid Resort but owners in mid 2017. It provides tasteful, wooden bungalows but with a few more home comforts than usual.   For example, airconditioning, a tropical garden and a small swimming pool.

The main plus points are that it’s a small, Western run resort and so maybe  a good choice for Thailand novices in need of a quiet room, away from noise and hassles to plan further travels in Asia.     Or if you enjoy the backpacker nightlife but would like to spend your daylight hours in a more relaxed, laid back environment then Faye Orchid Resort would suit you.  It’s a nice spot to chill out.

But if you are coming to Koh Chang for a 2 week beach holiday then you might be better off looking at the bungalow resorts in Kai Bae for example, where you can get an airconditioned room within easy reach of a much better beach for a similar price.   There is a small beach a couple of minutes walk from the resort, at Bailan Beach Resort, but the seabed is very stoney so it isn’t ideal for swimming.

Room rates from 2,000 Baht / night during High Season 2017-18

More Details, Photos and Current Room Rates


  • Hi Diana, i doubt the owner is reading this – either contact the resort direct or use the booking link above to make an inquiry.

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