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Bhumiyama Beach Resort

Bhumiyama Beach Resort

Bhumiyama Beach Resort

Bhumiyama Beach Resort

Bhumiyama is situated at the southern end of Lonely Beach, the main backpacker’s beach on Koh Chang.

The plus point of being sandwiched between two wooden hut backpacker resorts is that you can always get a cheap meal or drink easily.   The downside is that you’re surrounded by backpackers with only a beachfront boundary rope separating you from the unwashed masses.

So this resort is suited to younger couples who like to go out and party a bit or families with older kids who want to introduce them to the joys of travelling   gently.   If you are looking for good seafood restaurants, Italian restaurant with silver service, authentic Thai food and local village life then this isn’t for you.   The area is geared up towards emptying the pockets of gap year students. Although, as the area goes more upmarket, there are an increasing number of very good drinking & dining options further south on the main road.

That said, the beach is excellent and even at high tide there is a wide strip of powdery white sand and plenty of space to sunbathe.     Getting out and   about can be a bit of a hassle if you are staying south of Kai Bae as even in high season the pick up truck taxis are   infrequent during the evening.   On the map, it doesn’t look to far to walk or cycle to Kai Bae, but the road is extremely steep and narrow.

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IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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By Ladda, Bangkok

My team and I stayed here for five nights for the celebration of our nutrition club’s launching success. We booked for five rooms and we stayed in their standard bungalows sea view deluxe. Despite the expensive rate, it was all worth it.

Traveling to Koh Chang was first time for some of us. For those who’ve been here chose Bhumiyama Resort because of its exoticness. Its nearby beach is nothing short of paradise. It was a wonderful place to be to celebrate our success indeed! Each bungalow-styled villa the resort has offers beautiful tropical garden surroundings.

The overall resort actually captured the essence of the country’s natural beauty. In design and feel, you could see and experience what Thailand can offer to its tourists and travelers. The room rates were reasonable. In fact, if you’re staying here for two nights, you’d only get to pay for around 2,500 a night. This would surely make you want to stay for an entire month considering the rate.

Bhumiyama Resort is home to a wonderful spa and several villas clustered among the tropical forest of Koh Chang. Each one has its own gorgeous view. This little oasis is clean and quiet. It’s also very private. They truly provide its guests a relaxing paradise. It was a paradise where any guest could have a private access to the resort’s gorgeous beach.
Each bungalow has its own small balcony. When we stepped inside, we were greeted with nice floors and stone accents. It also came with bamboo decorations. Our two king-size beds were very comfortable. Each one was topped with a soft, fluffy duvet. But we didn’t use the duvet. It was so hot in Thailand at the time we were there.

Our room had a small luggage area. It also had a sitting bench with a rack that we could use to hang our clothes. We thought that it was a nice idea to have a separate area where we could store our luggage. There are bungalows available where the way to cool down its visitors was to use a ceiling fan. But ours were equipped with air-conditioning. If you’d stay here, make sure to choose a bungalow with AC as Thailand has a hot climate. Even at night, it was still very hot.

The bathroom of our bungalow had earthy design. But it wasn’t really exotic or one-of-a-kind. It had ceramic sink with homemade wooden lock. The staff provided us with some linens, shampoo and conditioner, as well as body wash. Yes, it wasn’t just a bar of soap. It was a bottle of body wash that smelled so great.

The resort also offered a good number of comfortable lounge chairs near the beach. Unfortunately, the resort had a lot of guests that those chairs were easily filled. Thus, you have to arrive here early so you can still have a spot that you want. It’s a popular hangout place for guests where they could unwind while watching the sea.
It also offered a bar with several tables. We had lovely cocktails in the afternoon. Some of us ordered their fruit smoothies. If you wanted to be outside the bar but in the shade, the resort provides dozens of tables near the bar.

We liked the spa of the resort. It also came with a massage room. The services they provided in the massage room were all great. The room was clean and very relaxing. Each bed is separated with nice white curtains. However, you need to book in advance to have your spa appointments here as their massage services are quickly filled. It was easy to book for an appointment, however, you just need to go to the front desk or call the receptionist from your room.

And if you wanted a specific time to be there, make sure that you make a reservation before arriving at the resort.
The restaurant of the resort serves breakfast. It opens from 7 in the morning up to 10 in the evening. I think most of the restaurants in Koh Chang do have the same opening and closing times.

The resort’s restaurant offered various meals. They serve not just Thai food options but also Western foods. French toast, fried eggs, beans, ham and yogurt are just few of the options you can have here. Fresh fruits are also served, free of charge. Orange juice and some teas are provided for free.

Some of our teammates had their breakfast delivered to their bungalows. For us, we went to the restaurant as it was way better eating pancakes while watching the sea. During booking, however, you could choose whether or not you could have a breakfast package. Of course, we did choose having it.

All in all, Bhumiyama Resort went above and beyond just to satisfy our needs and stay in its relaxing resort. It offered a great level of privacy that we surely needed.

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