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Grand Orchid Resort

Koh Chang Grand Orchid Resort and Spa

Grand Orchid Resort

Grand Orchid Resort is one of those places that makes you wonder what it would be like to be so wealthy that you could build a luxury resort and not care where it was located.   It is on the main road in Klong Son village, near the cement works and just down the road from the car repair shop and wood merchant.

It isn’t near the beach and you cant walk to the beach from the resort.   The nearest nightlife is in White Sand Beach, over the big hill.

There’s nothing wrong with the resort itself, built in a northern Thai Lanna style with teracotta tiled floors and chunky carved wooden furniture – just the location.

You might stay here if you are part of a Thai or Chinese package tour but other than that you’re probably going to go for one of the better located resorts.   However, before you write it off it is worth noting that the room rates are competitive  and it is better value for money than many beach resorts.   So if you are happy to rent a scooter and don’t need lots of touristy shops nearby then add it to your shortlist.  Outside peak season and long weekends, you will probably find that you have the place pretty much to yourself.

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By Jun-Woo Xie, Beijing

This is a safe and quiet resort. Last year, I stayed at this resort with my friends for 3 nights. The resort is owned by a Thai, so it embraces the culture and hospitality of the country but it still maintains a level of good service.

As soon as we arrived at the resort’s main entrance, two members of the resort staff were there to greet us. Even though there were no champagne reception, seeing the smiles of these members were enough that our arrival was indeed a welcoming sight to them.

But they did provide us with some cold water with a cold towel to help us refresh. After a warm welcome we received from the check-in counter and refreshing cold water, we were personally shown to our room, which was quadruple bungalow. It was one of the expensive rooms but it was worth the extra rate.

Our room was incredibly spacious. It has its own balcony with a clean bathroom (no bath tub though). It has a huge closet that allowed me and my colleagues to store all of our clothes and bags.

The interior of the room had some Thai textures with beautifully handmade decorations. The overall design embodied the surroundings of Orchid Resort. Everything in the room was chosen because of its exceptional quality.

The best place of our room was the balcony as it overlooks the jungle and you can see a bit of the sea too.

Because the location of Orchid Resort is far from busy areas, you could not see buses or bikes as far as our eyes could see through the balcony. The only things that we saw moving were the trees.

The communal pool of Orchid Resort was designed for a relaxing morning or middle of the afternoon. If you wanted to swim in the pool, the perfect time would be around 5 pm as the water isn’t too hot. Unfortunately, when we hang out in the pool area, no staff brought us cold towels or refreshing cold drinks. Instead, we had to walk almost 50 meters away from the bar just to get a drink.

In the evenings, we hang out in their restaurant filled with Thai people. I couldn’t blame them. The restaurant did serve delicious meals at reasonable prices.

Our few days at Orchid Resort were centered on going to various parts of the island in search of adventure. It was nice for the management to organize the trips and scooter hire for us.

While my time here at Orchid Resort was brief, it was enough to get a taste of Thai and to experience its wonderful surroundings.

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    My parents are coming out and I am meeting them in Thailand, your place looks exactly like what we are looking for. I am looking for a bungalow with two bedrooms, don’t want to cramp the parents style in paradise. Please let me know if there is anything on offer. Thanks.

    Kind Regards

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