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Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa

Paradise Resort, Klong Prao beach, Koh Chang

Koh Chang Paradise Resort & Spa is one of the few places that ticks all the boxes in terms of high standard of accommodation; bungalows rather than hotel rooms; convenient but quiet location and prime beachfront.

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The resort is located at the northern end of Klong Prao beach, a few minutes walk from the shopping plazas and supermarkets at the end of the beach.   The resort has 70 bungalows plus another dozen super luxury pool villas.   However, the beachfront area is never crowded as the resort has a whopping 260 metres of beach frontage where you can lay your towel and enjoy the views.

Bungalow bedroom at Paradise Resort, Klong Prao beach, Koh Chang

The regular bungalows are clustered together, without too much open space between them, however there are plenty of tropical plants surrounding each bungalow and so you won’t be staring at your neighbour every time you walk out of your room.   The beachfront bungalows are right  on the sand – it’s  just a few metres from your door to the beach.

Paradise Resort is very popular with families and couples in search of 4 star accommodation on a great beach. The resort also houses a large spa with all manner of massage and herbal therapies available at the usual hefty price.  (You’ll find cheaper massages available in small roadside shops 5 minutes walk away.)

The pool villas are things of beauty, they aren’t the most original design, the usual cream walled, temple roofed affairs with a good size plunge pool right in front but are very spacious and well decorated.   They aren’t especially private as anyone walking along the wide pathways between the rows of villas get a clear view of the pool and deck areas.   Likewise, the layout means that most don’t have very good sea views.  Hence the hefty premium for those smack on the beach.

If you like this area but want a cheaper alternative, the sames owner also run Koh Chang Paradise Hill which is located opposite, on the inland side of the main road.  It offers  modern, 3 star standard hotel rooms overlooking a large pool area. 

Pool villa , Paradise Resort, Klong Prao beach, Koh Chang

A true paradise in Koh Chang 😀 - Everything from location to the room and staff are above and beyond expectation. A true paradise! Surprise bonus for the kid - a waterpark inside the resort, what a blast! Hotel spa was great, and also the pool has the best (the cleanest water) we have seen. 😞 - We enjoyed everything here from breakfast to dinner (even the pizza didn’t meet the standard - the kitchen staff need to learn how to make the dough right), the resort is a true paradise!
Nice enough and good value but did not like the water park 😀 - The family pool villa (which was two villas next to a pool) was nice and the kids enjoyed having their own pool. Breakfast was good with a variety of western and South East Asian dishes. Beach was clear and the hotel was right next to it. 😞 - We booked because of the water park as we had kids. Unfortunately I think it’s in need of some renovation, we quickly accumulated some minor injuries on the slides - one big wide slide has become almost corrugated because the plastic has sagged between the supports and this led to pain in the back following using it. Another tube slide resulted in a minor elbow injury. We only went once in the end, for about an hour. Dinner was pretty good but was resort prices. We also came in July and the whole island was dead because of the low season, which gave a slightly eerie feel, but this is not the fault of the hotel.
maybe in season its better 😀 - room size and bed, 😞 - the place was almost empty, the pool bar was close, the gardens was not well maintaind to much mmoquitoes around
Excellent stay, few policies were a little odd, but the staff is so polite and helful. 😀 - Price, staff, facilities, pool, beach 😞 - Deposit money for everything thing even for cutlery (although it’s returned next day) and they charge for ice which was not made with clean water
Excellent bungalow by the beach with own private pool. 😀 - The bungalow by the beach was excellent with our own private pool. It was quiet and private and did not overlook other bungalows besdide us. 😞 - The restaurant on our last night for dinner. The food was cold. The bar closed at 10:00 pm each night.
Fantastic stay will be back 😀 - Location and beach accommodation 😞 - No pictures on menus

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