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VJ Searenity

Vj Searenity Resort, Klong Prao beach

From 2,100 Baht/night VJ Hotel & Health Spa is sandwiched between the two of the best five star resorts on the island – the Amari Emerald Cove and The Dewa at the southern end of  Klong Prao beach. Good value rooms and nice location.

VJ Searenity is sandwiched between the two of the best five star resorts on the island – the Emerald Cove and The Dewa.  

Like these resorts, VJ Searenity has ensuite airconditioned rooms with hot water, minibar and cable TV.   It also has a beachfront pool and restaurant plus a small spa / massage place by the beach.

And that’s where the similarities end as VJ is a good 3 star resort and the others are 5 star properties. So whilst you get similar amenities you also get lots of cheap tiled surfaces; shiny slippery floors, and no views   – other than the Emerald Cove and Dewa – from almost all the rooms. 

The good news is that the resort has recently undergone renovations and many of the issues that guests used to have have disappeared.  It’s now one of the best value beach resorts.  

High season room rates for 2017-18 are from 2,700 Baht for Superior room or 3,500 for a Deluxe.  It’s well worth the extra for the deluxe room as these have been totally refurbined and renovated.  They’re infinitely nicer than the old Superior rooms which appear very dated in comparison. 

So, if you can live without too much pampering and don;t need superflous luxuries or a huge pool in order to enjoy your holiday, then VJ Searenity is definitely worth considering.  The location is great with  shops and restaurants 5 minutes walk away on the main road and there are a couple of beach bars nearby too.  Both Klong prao village and Kai Bae willage are 2 minute taxi rides or 15 minutes walk away.



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