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Ramayana Resort

Ramayana Resort

Ramayana Resort

Ramayana Resort

First the bad news, if you want to see the sea or even be able to easily walk to the sea from your resort on Koh Chang then Ramayana isn’t the resort for you.

But all is not lost.   There is a regular shuttle that takes guests to the beach at The Dewa & The Awa, the Ramayana’s sister resorts at the southern end of Klong Prao beach and in the centre of Kai Bae beach.

And there are more plus points.  Good quality rooms of a 3 star standard and very reasonable room rates, which are a couple of thousand Baht/night cheaper than an equivalent room right on the beach.   In addition the resort does have great sunrise views over the inland mountains – a view that you won’t see if you are staying by the beach.

So for anyone in need of a comfortable, contemporary room and happy to rent a scooter or car to get around and swap a beachfront location for considerable savings on room rates then Ramayana would be ideal.   The area around the resort is quiet, there are a couple of restaurants on the river, near Aana Resort, 5 minutes walk away and a couple of roadside cheap Thai restaurants and small mini-mart in the vicinity but you’re probably going to want to hop on a pick up truck taxi in the evening and head to one of the busier areas to dine out.

Good value and recommended, so long as you are fully aware of the lack of beach and lack of shops & nightlife nearby.

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By Peter, UK

From many years, our family has a tradition of a staying at a peaceful resort in Thailand. Ramayana Koh Chang Resort is always our first choice when on Koh Chang. As my kids will happily stay there and that’s good enough for us. :-)

We always choose Rama Family Suite in this Ramayana inspired resort. The floor to ceiling windows makes it airy. We always request breakfast in the room as it helps us spend more quality family time together and we all can chat while enjoying our delicious breakfast. The bed in the suite is huge and comfortable.

My kids just adore the tropical area, being fed up from city life; they simply look forward to this stay away surrounded by verdant jungle. They also love the swimming pool at Ramayana Koh Chang Resort, which is always a very pleasant experience for us too. As a family, we get together near the pool, plan our day, and dive in to start our day. We habitually spend time chatting with the friendly pool bar staff. The swimming pool is vast and the area around is well built.

The resort is one of the best value on the island and the services exceed expectations. The staff is so helpful though most of them don’t speak English, but we have always managed to communicate. We are always satisfied with the room service in such low budget. They always worked fast and appeared on the doorstep immediately.

My wife always packs more than it is required; call it a habit or a precaution. Therefore, we end up with more luggage than others. However, there is more than enough closet space, I think this is one reason why my wife never hesitates from exceeded packing or call it woman’s logic.

My daughter is an artist and she likes to play music in a secluded place. She always needs a tranquil place for enthusiastic practice so she loves the location as it is so close to nature and brings peace to her. She enjoys playing music in such atmosphere and we love to see an optimistic and energetic side in her.

We live an extremely busy life, shuffling between work, double shifts, watching over kids, visiting friends, and family, going to clubs, sports and much more. We always crave for a little time for ourselves; a massage is a cure for all the stress that builds up. At least, that is what my wife thinks. We spend as much time as we can on the spa and massage area. It has a very comfortable look to it. The masseuses are very courteous and a pro at their work. We feel lighter and lighter with every visit.

So, all in all, a great place to base yourself. Just use the free shuttle to their partner hotels to get to the beach easily.

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