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Pajamas Hostel

Pajamas Hostel

Pajamas Hostel

Pajamas Hostel is one of the new breed of ‘flashpacker’ hostels that have been growing in popularity in Bangkok and have now spread into other areas of Thailand.

Today’s backpackers often want a clean, air-conditioned room that provides safety but with the friendliness and conviviality of old style backpacker hangouts.  Pajamas Hostel does all this very well indeed. It’s owned and run by a  young Thai couple who have spent a lot of time and effort in building a small resort that ticks all the boxes.

The only negative, for some travellers is that it isn’t a rock bottom, dirt cheap place to stay.  If you are on a tight budget then you’ll have to head down the beach to the far more basic Tiger Huts or KP Huts where a basic hut will be much cheaper than a Dorm room at Pajamas.

For travellers with a larger budget, the hostels private rooms offer 3 star comforts but in a very laid back style.  Everything is clean, crisp and well-thought out, from the design of the rooms to the amenities in the bathrooms.

The beach is accessed by a 100 metre long  public walkway that runs along the side of the hostel.  The stretch of beach is far longer and quieter, than Lonely beach, which was for so often the usual  hangout for younger visitors to the island.

Definitely recommended.

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IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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By Andrey & Vita, Ukraine

I’ve been to various places in this country but it was my first time in Koh Chang December of last year. There were plenty of hotels found in Koh Chang but it was Pajamas Hostel that really caught my attention. I have never stayed in a hostel before in this country. So, I was pretty curious about what it was like to be staying in such type of accommodation.

After my short trip to Erawan Falls, I went back to Bangkok before heading to Koh Chang and meet my friends there. During our arrival, the staff greeted us with welcoming smile, although no one picked us up from the airport.

The building is fabulous, and, as I mentioned earlier, we got a lovely welcome. The exterior was modern and very sleek. We checked in at around 4 pm (if I remember it correctly) and on a weekend. That said, we expected it to be very busy but it did give us a great vibe.

We had a quick check-in. One of the staff escorted us to the desk and to our room. We did get an upgrade, from a dorm room to a double deluxe, with little extra charge. The reason we booked for a dorm was that we thought we would be short on budget. Then again, something came up allowing us to stretch our budget to obtain a double deluxe.

One of their double deluxe rooms was all ours. Win!

We felt genuinely welcomed by the Pajamas staff. They were very attentive and let us feel relaxed, considering it was our first time here. All in all, the people who were managing the hostel had a great vibe. When you needed them, they were there to assist you.

We planned to stay here for two nights. But we extended it to five nights because of the atmosphere that we received.

It was a massive room with great looking surroundings. The outside views were impressive too. As part of their welcome amenity, they gave us a basket of fresh fruits and some macaroons. Unfortunately, they didn’t last very long as we couldn’t stop eating them while we were unpacking.

In our room, we had a cabinet where proper hangers were found. We had no problem storing our clothes here. The staff also provided us with bathrobes and slippers, in addition to the basic toiletries. I love the smell of their shampoo and soap. I think they were made of aloe and some sweet smelling essential oils.

The bathroom’s décor was impressive, too. It matched the rest of the resort’s high standards. It was definitely a fabulous bathroom with shower and hot/cold facilities. Instead of just giving us four towels, the staff provided us with extra four. They said that we might need them when going to the beach. And they were right. The toiletries they provided were their own brand and they all smelled really nice.

They also provided us with mosquito net that we didn’t use. I’m not sure if there were mosquitoes around as we weren’t bitten during our stay inside the room.

The restaurant served buffet but you could also order their individual meals. I love their omelet for breakfast. It was a complimentary breakfast. And each of their meals has reasonable rate. If you go to a la carte, you could individually order and it is priced individually.

The only problem we had at this restaurant was that it took them a while before our breakfast was served. It was an issue because we really didn’t want to spend an hour or so in this restaurant. I mean, it was a lovely place but also wanted to explore the area within a limited amount of time.

The restaurant had its own bar, which served great cocktails. I think we’ve tried all of their cocktails and they were truly excellent and heavenly. But this wouldn’t be the sole reasons we would come back here, again and again.

I think that Pajamas is definitely a highly-recommended hostel. We met lots of fun people. Had a couple of great nights out and I hope they open more elsewhere in Thailand.

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