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Magic Resort Koh Chang

Magic Resort

Magic Resort Koh Chang

Magic Resort is most definitely more of   a ‘Thai style’ beach bungalow resort. It’s the sort of place you stay when you want to park outside your bungalow, plug in the rice cooker and crank up the mobile karaoke machine.

As the majority of guests are Thai the emphasis is on food – the resort has a large restaurant built over the sea and keeping out of the sun, the bungalows are mostly tucked away in shandy gardens.  Most of the rooms are quite old but look fairly well maintained.

But prices are cheap and they also have larger family bungalows.   The type of people who stay here tend not to expect to be waited on hand and food and can organise themselves and don’t rely on hotel staff to book a trip for them.   Kai Bae village is under 10 minutes walk along the road and 10 minutes walk along the beach brings you to much better sandier area.   The beach in front of the resort is good if you plan on doing some crab hunting.

Some newer, brighter more upmarket bungalows have been built at the rear of the resort and they are value for money.   Magic Resort is still more a place to stay if you are visiting with Thai friends or extended family. Or you are Russian and on a budget.

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By Harry S., London

This was my first trip to Koh Chang. I was supposed to be staying with friends at a nearby resort, but when I arrived I found a wedding party had taken over the room that was booked for myself. So, I ended up at magic Resort.

Koh Chang is a beautiful island and Magic Resort is one of the cheapest resorts in the area. So, in a way, it was Ok. I stayed in one of their standard bungalows, with two beds. I place all my bags on the other bed, instead of the table they have provided.

My room was fine except for the hot water which didn’t work at all. I called the staff to fix it up but the person who came and checked on it couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. I wanted to be transferred to another room but just my luck they were all full too. So, I enjoyed cold showers for the next 3 days – the duration of my stay.
The room itself wasn’t bad. A few scratches, strange stains and chipped tiles. But nothing horrendous or hazardous.

Fortunately the air-con worked well, if loudly. The lights were very bright in the room. I don;t think the management have discovered the art of subtle lighting. It’s 100 Watts or nothing as far as bulbs go.

The lightings in the room weren’t to my liking. They were too bright. I’m used to have lights on when I sleep but at that time, I had to turn them off to help me go to sleep. Essentially, the lights weren’t conducive for sleeping.
I watched a bit of TV on the antique television set – reminded me of the one we had when i was growing up. The picture quality was very good though. A pleasant surprise to be able to watch some English news in the morning.

Although, overall the room wasn’t really satisfactory. The staff did their best and were smiley and friendly.

There’s no pool, but the sea is good to swim in. And the beach was clean.

I only tried the restaurant food once, in the evening, ant it wasn’t as good as I hoped it might be. Perhaps I’m just not used to proper Thai style food, as there were several families tucking in and seemingly enjoying their meals. But for me, I didn’t rate it. Likewise, the breakfast was poor. The usual fried egg, boiled sausage and sliced bread toast.

Overall, it’s not a bad place to stay and I liked the location. If I booked again, or more likely found myself here after booking another hotel, then I’d skip the breakfast and eat outside all the time. I found a good burger place 5 minutes walk away near Kai Bae.

Nothing tragic. Nothing super. Overall a 3 / 5 from me.

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  • Hi Jason

    May well have been Magic Resort. I know it’s been there since the late 80s. If it had a house 9 now restaurant ) built on stilts in the sea, just off the beach, then it will have been Magic Resort. Back then the beach would have been pretty much undeveloped all the way north to the river estuary where there were fisherman’s houses. KP Huts was there, about 1km north of Magic. I know people who stayed there in the late 80s.

  • Hello, I’m wondering if this is where I spent a wonderful few months back in 1990 and again in 1996.
    I stayed at a little bungalow resort by the name of “Magic Bungalows”, is this the same resort?
    The beach looks familiar, from what I can remember.
    My time spent on the island will stay with me forever, it was one of the best times of my life.
    I have been looking around your website and it’s amazing to see how much the island has changed, It’s been nearly 25 years since I was last there after all.

    Great site, I have enjoyed looking around.

  • Hi Trine

    You will have to contact the resort direct. I don’t handle any bungalow bookings myself.


  • Hello, I am looking for good accomodation for two songle ladies with babies. We would like one larger bungalow with seperate bedrooms or two smaller. the babies are monht and sleep in same bed as mother.
    no air con, but fans and mosquito net requiered. And private bathrooms.

    We will stay on koh chang from 10 jan to 5 martch. So we are looking for a longer term stay.

    Kind regards. Trine

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