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Koh Chang Resort, Klong Prao beach

Koh Chang Resort


Koh Chang Resort is a resort that has seen far better days, the early 1990s for example, when most of it was built.   When people tell me they are staying there, my only question is “Why?” as the bottom line is that there really is   no excuse to stay here, other than it is relatively cheap, when there are plenty of better options on the island.

The bungalows have vines and tall plants growing over them as if to hide their appearance and the beach side pool is the same size as a large jacuzzi bath. Although there is a larger one inland   It’s as though the resort was frozen in time for a decade and no maintenance or upkeep has been done so far this century. 

One major redeeming feature though is the beach which is great, but other than that , unless you see a special super cheap deal on the rooms then look elsewhere as paying over 4,000 baht for a rickety old beachfront bungalow in High Season is definitely not a wise choice.

The staff try their best but there’s no hiding from the fact that this is one of the worst reviewed resorts on the island.  However, some people do actually enjoy its rustic simplicity.

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