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Klong Prao Resort, Klong Prao beach

Klong Prao Resort

Klong Prao Resort

Klong Prao Resort

Klong Prao Resort is located on a great stretch of sand in the centre of Klong Prao beach.   The location plus the recently built Sea View Villas are the two overriding reasons for staying here.

Cheaper rooms are available, from under 2,000 Baht/night but they are quite old.   The pool is also now far too small for the number of rooms.   And the gym is simply a small room with an exercise bike in it.   But there are a lot of very large fish in the lagoon.

If you are willing to forgive these points and also have no plans to fight for sunbeds by the pool, but are happy to head along the beach to find some peace and quiet then it’s definitely worth considering.  As mentioned, the Sea View villas are good and reasonably priced.  And the restaurant was recently extended and upgraded and refurbished and now makes a very nice spot for a drink and meal by the beach

One overriding downside is that the resort is popular with tour groups, especially from Eastern Europe / Russia and as such if you’re easily offended by the sight of speedos and bikinis on loud, elderly, vodka swilling fellow guests it’s best avoided.

So again, probably not a resort if you want peace and quiet at breakfast or a huge pool to lounge around.  But a good, sensibly priced resort for couples and families.

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By Jo, Singapore

The resort provides peace and quiet environment with superb beach. I stayed in this resort for three nights. I got the villa seaview and shared it with my sister. My other family members stayed in a deluxe building and a superior room.

There are different aspects of the resort that I think make it a great place to stay.

The overall feel when you enter the room is just splendid. But I was particularly in love with the location.

I’ve already stayed in their deluxe and superior rooms in the past. And I could stay that Klong Phrao is known for its creative approach when it comes to their room decors. They’re interesting, usually in a good way. :-) During our first-time visit here, we were pleasantly surprised about the refreshing look of their rooms. Each room is spacious and it’s well-lit. It wasn’t too bright or too dark. It was just enough to help you sleep at night.

The room has comfortable furniture and flat TV, thought it wasn’t widescreen or plasma. Unlike other hotels in Koh Chang, the rooms at Klong Phrao have soundproof windows. Yes, no matter how noisy we were, we couldn’t be heard outside. And we couldn’t hear our neighbours either. T

Their swimming pool was nice and clean. It looked like the one at our condo in Singapore. If you wanted to use the pool, however, you should go there early as it’s one of the active areas of the resort. It gets very busy.

The food that the resort’s restaurant offers is always a delight. I never experienced a dull, lackluster taste each time I eat here. They always provided us with a filling meal in the morning. This was great to help us start our day.

One of the best things about this resort is that they could prepare your food and deliver it to your room, free of charge.

The kind of service they provide is excellent. The entire staff of the resort is very friendly. Each of them could speak in English. They are also fully acquainted with the layout of the resort and the entire island. So, you could ask them anything about the island in particular. Which area would you go to have an elephant ride? Snorkeling? Kayaking? They could give you a better answer.

If you would ever need anything about your stay here, they could give you a sure assistance. They are all eager to help you out, in any way they could. It’s not that they were being paid to be friendly but most of them are really downright friendly. It would seem like the resort did hire good people and were careful in their hiring process.

By the way, the resort has two restaurants. The Rim-Had restaurant is the one that’s near the beach. This is where we always have our dinner. The Feungh-Fa, on the other hand, is great for breakfast or lunch. If it’s raining, you’d definitely want to be here than at Rim-Had.

You can hire one of the resort’s vans if you wanted to tour around the island. But, of course, it’s an additional charge. They also have their own minimart where you could buy souvenirs and snacks for a normal price.

My family and I will definitely come back and stay here. It’s always a pleasant and memorable experience.

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