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Iyara BR Resort, Klong Prao

Iyara BR Resort Koh Chang

Iyara BR Resort

Iyara BR Resort Koh Chang

Iyara Resort is situated in the centre of Klong Prao village.  It’s tucked away out of sight of the main road, so is quiet but also in a very convenient location for shops and restaurants.  A 7-eleven, good cheap restaurants and great bakery are all right outside.

The location lends itself more to people staying for longer than normal and who want a pool and a place to get away from it all, but don’t need any luxuries or to be right by the beach.  It’s a budget resort with functional, no frills rooms and amenities.

The beach is about 10 minutes walk away, accessed by walking through some undeveloped land at the back of the nearby temple.

I’d say it was worth considering if you are independent and don’t need or expect the best or most efficient staff & service.  And you just need a base for your trip as you plan to be out exploring the island all day – rather than staying in the resort.

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By Malia, Estonia

We stayed here for two nights. It’s not an excellent resort but it’s quite good.

This isn’t a 5-star or 4-star resort. It’s between 3 and 2-star. It’s kind of old. Despite that, it’s clean. But you can’t compare it to other 4-star or 5-star hotel resorts in this island. This isn’t a remote place as it’s sitting just 5 minutes away from the center of the island. So, it was just easy for us to go to other dining and shopping options.

My partner and I stayed in what they call the honeymoon suite. Our room was big with one king-size comfortable bed. But it did create some creaking sounds.

I read negative reviews about their unfriendly staff. But when we got here, almost of their attendants were accommodating and friendly. We even met their manager who was also nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this resort for its hospitality and comfort.

Since we were there during the low season, we enjoyed a discounted rate for our room. We had the chance to see their bungalows while we were sightseeing. I thank my partner for booking our room in one of their honeymoon suites as the resort’s bungalows were a bit old and unkempt. It has mosquito screen doors and windows but I think I saw holes in them, where mosquitoes can still enter the room.

Our room’s shower, by the way, had very low pressure. I needed to wait for a few minutes before water starts to flow. It had hot water facility but at that time, it wasn’t functioning. We complained about it but they couldn’t repair it at that time because the person who’s tasked to repair it wasn’t available.

Our room didn’t have Internet connection. If we needed to connect to the Internet, we had to go outside and be near the reception area where the signal was strong.
The room’s photos that we saw online weren’t updated. The online photos looked very beautiful and new. But they’re not really. The furniture in our room was old but although the overall décor of our room was a bit antiquated, it was generally clean.

The resort has aromatherapy message, which we tried. But I hated the scent they were using. My sinusitis was triggered. We also tried their traditional Thai massage. That was much better.

In their swimming pool, they had limited sitting options. Thankfully, it was low season when we were there. They served beers and other liquors. It was nice to have a drink or two near the pool while looking at its surrounding. The bartender was super friendly. He was giving us some pieces of advice on how to explore the area without having to spend more. The receptionist, too, was friendly. She was so nice she even offered us some candies and cold water to appease our discomfort when we arrived. Yes, we walked for at least 15 minutes from the main road to the reception area.

Their seafood restaurant is located a few minutes away from the resort. It’s actually in a different location. If you want to go there, you need to book for a pickup service to give you a round trip. It’s free of charge. Their food was okay but not mouthwatering. It’s quite expensive. But we definitely loved the view from the restaurant of the sunset.

By the way, when you arrive here, you need to tell the taxi drive to drop you at the reception area and not at the road. The reason for this is that the reception area is 100 meters away from the main street. If you carry several bags, like we had, it would really be inconvenient for you to walk with all those bags.

Iyara resort may probably not the best resort in Koh Chang, but they do provide you with good service and staff who’s friendly and helpful.

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