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Grand Cabana Resort, Klong Prao beach

Grand Cabana Resort

Grand Cabana Resort

Grand Cabana Resort

Grand Cabana is located at the south end of Klong Prao beach.  It’s adjacent to the posh Emerald Cove and close to The Dewa – two of the best places to stay on the island.

However, that’s as close as it gets to greatness.  Or being a recommended place to stay.  The rooms are fine and good value for money.  But the pool is tiny and the karaoke sessions can be very noisy in High Season.

Unless you are part of a Thai, Chinese or Russian tour group then you’ll probably want to stay elsewhere.

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By Lidia, Hong Kong

Grand Cabana wasn’t my first choice, however. But at that time, my first choice was fully booked.

So, I had to find another that was as good as my first choice. I did my research and found Grand Cabana to be quite comfortable. I asked my friend who’d been to Koh Chang many times before and she said it’s a good choice. But she didn’t tell me about the best room to stay in. So, I opted to stay in the cheapest room, which was deluxe with breakfast.

The location was good. When I got there, I didn’t get to the feeling of being in a hotel. It was more like an apartment or something.

The property is a short walk to several restaurants. Check in took a bit of time for some reason. Why is it the cheaper hotels always take a long time?

When I finally got into my room, I wasn’t too impressed as the first thing I saw was the TV. It wasn’t flat screen. The scent of the room smelled like chlorine that have been sprayed everywhere. I asked for a room freshener to mitigate that obnoxious smell. It did the trick but it took a while before that loathsome scent was gone.

The room was filled with natural light, so I didn’t have to turn on the lights in the morning. As regards to decoration, it wasn’t as extravagant as the other hotels in Koh Chang. It was plain that you’d sense a desolation.

The bathroom was neat but not too clean. The mirror was kind of dusty and I saw remains of toothpaste on the tiles. There were also cobwebs on the ceiling with some dead flies sticking. Thankfully, there were no more spiders. I phoned the lady at the reception area to clean those out. After a few minutes, someone entered my room and cleaned the bathroom.

I had my first dinner at Grand Cabana’s sea restaurant. At that time, there was a band playing loud Thai music, which I didn’t understand. But the food was great. They served local and international cuisines. The restaurant, unfortunately, was only open up to 10 pm. I wanted to stay up late here but they wouldn’t allow me.

The bed in my room, by the way, was quite comfortable but it was noisy. Each time I move, I hear a creaky sound. When I tried to investigate why, I realized that the mattress was slightly damaged with its spring showing up.

But I admire the friendly staff. They make sure that my overall stay here was fine, despite my room’s issues. They tried to mitigate it by changing the mattress but they couldn’t find a spare. I asked if I could be upgraded, they said that the other rooms were already filled.

Their staff was friendly but couldn’t speak fluently in English. But they could understand me. I asked for a wake-up call the following morning. But they only woke me 15 minutes late. It was one of the housekeeping guys who knocked on my door to try to wake me up.

Should I stay here again? I might. The experience wasn’t excellent but neither was it horrible.

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