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Coconut Beach Resort Koh Chang

Coconut Beach Resort

Coconut Beach Resort Koh Chang

Coconut Beach Resort is the northernmost beachfront resort on Klong Prao beach.   It still consists of many older, rather run down bungalows but these are gradually being replaced with some tastefully designed bungalows and a hotel block which is a bit of an architectural monstrosity on the exterior.

Fortunately the interior of the hotel rooms is pretty good but if you are going to stay here then it’s worth paying extra for the best bungalows, the brand new Superior Bungalows which can be had for around 3,500 Baht/night.

These bright and airy bungalows open up onto the beach and are of a very comfortable,   3 star standard.   Some bungalows are also semi-detached, and can be configured to share a large balcony area, making them ideal for couples travelling together for families who want their kids to have their own room but to be close by.

Recommended if you want   a new, well appointed bungalow right on the sand without paying over the odds or are happy with a good value hotel room just off the beach.   Shops, bank, restaurants are all close by – so good for families . One main downside is that the pool is quite small.

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By Konstantin, Kiev

Each time I visit Koh Chang, I always stay at Coconut Beach Resort. This last visit, I stayed at the superior bungalow. I simply loved our room, which, by the way, was just a few steps away from the beach. Our room had refrigerator without food but with (not free) bottled water. It had flat screen TV but it wasn’t the high-tech one. This resort isn’t a 5-star resort but their service is excellent.

It didn’t take long to check in. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by one of their assistants and helped us up with our bags. I haven’t stayed in other resorts besides Coconut Beach Resort, so I’m not sure if other resorts offer the same top-notch service as Coconut Beach. Each time I’m in this resort, I always feel extra special.

The reception area has floral arrangements and the entire area is tastefully decorated with Thai-themed figurines.

We stayed here for seven nights. We loved the overall quality of our room. It came with amenities that my hubby and I would ever need. Another thing I hope they’d consider changing is their entertainment system. Although our room had a flat screen TV, it wasn’t the latest one. It was probably a model from a decade ago. But this isn’t a major issue. After all, we were not here simply to watch TV.

Their staff was always polite. Some of them already knew us. They’re always helpful to us and probably to other guests. They always make sure that our room is kept and maintained to a decent standard. Each time the housekeeper cleaned our room, she always put an intricate towel animal on top of our bed. That really amazed us. One day it was elephant, the next day it was rabbit. Just awesome.

The overall design of the room and the entire property is excellent. It could give you an impression that you’re in a paradise. Well, it was a paradise. Just look at the view and the sea. Simply perfect.

The room rate was sort of expensive, especially during high season. But we didn’t mind paying high amount as we know that we’d have a wonderful experience here.

The area is just near the sea so each night, we were serenaded by the beautiful, relaxing sound of the waves and the wind. This truly makes it a perfect setting for a honeymoon or a beach holiday for couples or family.

I really don’t like swimming in the pool. I prefer to swim in the sea than in the pool. But I got to say that Coconut Beach has a clean pool. It was probably because most of its guests would opt for the beach and the sea than use their pool.

Coconut Beach has a seaside restaurant serving mostly, yes, seafoods. They offer buffet-style service but they also have a menu. My husband and I love the setting of eating under a coconut tree while allowing the wind to blow our hair. But because of the beautiful place, Coconut Beach is usually crowded in the mid-afternoon. A lot of guests and non-guests would stay and dine at their seaside restaurant.

The restaurant serves local and European dishes. We love to eat their local cuisines as we wanted to eat what Thais eat. Each meal they serve was tasty but not really mouthwatering. We’ve tried their European dish but it wasn’t as tasteful as their Thai’s.

They also have a fire show every night. You could watch it from the restaurant or from the beach or from your room. It doesn’t matter. You’d enjoy it. For us, we love to be sitting from the restaurant and watch it in close proximity. It was simply beautiful.

We decided to try the other dining options on the nearby locations. The hotel, by the way, is located along the main roads of Koh Chang. Thus, taxis can be easily accessed. You can hire a cab to take you anywhere on the island. But we preferred to walk in order to experience the true nature of Koh Chang.

I, or, we’ll always come back at Coconut Beach resort. It’s a great spot for a beach holiday.

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