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Sea View Koh Chang

Sea View Koh Chang

Sea View Koh Chang is one of the most popular 4 star resorts for families looking to stay in a peaceful beachfront setting.  It features some of the best pool villas on the island.

426 reviews
(This score is based on the number of written reviews on Booking.com since 1 November 2018. Because recent reviews are more relevant than those from many years ago.)

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It is located at the far southern end of Kai Bae beach, so be prepared to have a 20 minute walk along the beach if you want to get into Kai Bae village for shopping.  The resort has a free shuttle service to the village, as walking there along the main road is quite difficult.  Not due to the distance – due to the steep hills. 

But there are a couple of other resorts nearby if you don’t fancy hotel food.  The best food being adjacent at the laid back ‘Porn’s Bungalows’ which serves up some of the best Thai food in the area.

Sea View Deluxe room interior

The older hillside cottages have now been replaced by new hotel blocks, all of which have stunning panoramic ocean views.  The Deluxe and Superior rooms feature floor to ceiling windows and a glass walled bathroom, so you need never miss a sunset even whilst taking a shower.

There are a couple of swimming pools.  The beachfront pool is the most popular.  It’s a bit small given the size of the resort but there are plenty of sunloungers and refreshingly the hotel has a policy that doesn’t allow people to reserve sunbeds with their towels for hours.   One hour and if the sunbed isn’t used the towel is removed.  There’s another pool at the rear of the resort, on the rooftop of one of the hotel blocks.

So if you prefer a quiet swim, away from the crowds head up to this Clifftop pool.  You can walk up the hill or take the resort’s mini-funicular train (the only one on the island) From this pool you look down onto the beach and islands below.   The resort is also home to the award winning ‘Rainforest Spa’ which is popular with clients staying elsewhere on Koh Chang and who need a bit of pampering. 

The beach directly in front of the resort is the best in this area and is shared with the adjacent Siam Bay Resort.  At very low tide, during in the Low Season, you can walk to the nearby island 400 metres offshore.  

The highlight of the resort however are the stunning pool villas.  There are only nine of these 224sqm villas which offer privacy and great views from their hillside location. In my opinion these are the most stylish pool villas on Koh Chang.  So if you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to treat yourself. Check them out.

Recommended choice if you prefer to be slightly away from the main tourist areas.  But be aware that this is a very large resort and is built on a hillside.  So the cheaper rooms are quite a distance from the beach.  

Pool Villa at Sea View Koh Chang

Sea View Koh Chang is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 426 written reviews on Booking.com since 1 November 2018

Good Breakfast a lot to choose from👍 Was ok - Johan - 07/04/20 

Wspaniały odpoczynek w przepięknym miejscu. Świetny hotel z najlepszym widokiem na wyspie. Duże pokoje, bardzo czyste. Hotel położony na bardzo dużym terenie, bardzo dużo... read more - Grzegorz - 29/03/20 

Un séjour au-delà de nos attentes Tout était parfait, le personnel était toujours très agréable, disponible et souriant. Les prix du restaurant sont un peu... read more - Déborah - 24/03/20 

Exceptional ไปเกาะช้างประทับใจที่พักที่สุดแล้ว
วิวดีมาก กิจกรรมเยอะ อาหารเช้าหลากหลาย
พนักงานน่ารัก ถ้าไปอีกก็จะพักที่นี่อีกแน่นอน
- Warisa - 24/03/20 

Exceptional Everything Nothing - Marino - 23/03/20 

Schön Wunderschöne Anlage mit viel Natur Es sollte auf die Hanglage und die recht steilen Wege hingewiesen werden. Schwierig, wenn... read more - Lilli - 23/03/20 

Exceptional อาหารเช้าไม่ค่อยหลากหลาย - Sudayong - 22/03/20 

Exceptional Tout - Arnaud - 20/03/20 

hotel avec une vue magnifique l’hôtel es bien situer quand on aime être un peu en retrait détente assurée vue superbe piscine très bien... read more - Anthony - 20/03/20 

Prince Teelek On Trip พนักงานที่ยกกระเป๋าและขับรถกอล์ฟไปส่งที่ห้อง(คุณพยัพ)บริการดีมากๆค่ะ แนะนำแขกทุกเรื่อง ยกกระเป๋าตากฝน ไกลๆก็ไกล แต่พี่เขาบริการดีมากๆ👍 น้องผู้หญิงหน้าฟร้อนที่ท้องนะค่ะ บริการดีเช่นกัน👍 จะกลับมาพักอีกแน่นอนค่ะ😊 ไม่ชอบลิงค่ะ ลิงลงมาwelcomeตั้งแต่วันแรก ที่ไม่ชอบคือจะออกไปตากชุดว่ายน้ำ หรือวางของอะไรไว้ไม่ได้เลย ลิงจะขโมย เข้าใจค่ะว่าเป็นเขตอุทยาน แต่ลิงก็นะ แล้วจะตากผ้าที่ไหนล่ะ ฝนก็ตก😅
ขึ้นลงไปห้องที่จองไกลมาก เรียกเหงื่อดีมากๆเหมือนเข้าฟิตเนสไปในตัว ดีที่มีcabel...
read more - ❤ - 19/03/20 

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  • First off many thanks to this form iamkohchang (Ian i believe?)… As of a recent visit to Seaview Feb.2012 we found exact opposite of previous reviews.Maybe being Valentines Love was still in the air. Secondly or thirdly now … Most times you get what you put out. As the former governor of California and now living with housekeeper & toddler once said … ” I’ll Be BacK !” . Thanks again iamkohchang keep it real Love koh Chang Crib

  • The reviews in TripAdvisor claim the staff in this place is very rude and service bad. One said the change for worse has happened lately. Any ideas why? (There were a lot of these comments so I am inclined to believe them…)