Kai Bae

Gajapuri Resort & Spa

Gajapuri Resort, Kai Bae beach, Koh Chang

Gajapuri Resort & Spa is a boutique designer hut resort for people seeking luxury but in teak wood, rather than concrete, surroundings.   It is very nicely done and is a good alternative to an impersonal, generic 4 star resort.   No obvious downsides as far as the standards of accommodation go.

180 reviews
(This score is based on the number of written reviews on Booking.com since 1 November 2018. Because recent reviews are more relevant than those from many years ago.)

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The staff also seem to be on the ball, efficient and speak good English. and get rave reviews for their service minded attitude. Likewise the breakfast is great with the emphasis on healthy eating.   The location is also very convenient with plenty of places to eat and drink within 5 minutes walk of the resort.

Accommodation is divided into two areas, one which is for adults only and the other which is family friendly. Both areas have their own pools.  The ‘Lanai’ type rooms you’ll see listed on booking sites are those which don’t allow any kids to stay. Meaning that you can relax, read a book etc without any noise from neighboring rooms.

Pool at Gajapuri Resort, Koh Chang

In addition to the teak villa sand pool villas, there are also some beachfront tents.  These 100sqm, luxury tented villas would be a great choice for couples who enjoy staying in somewhere a little out of the ordinary.

The only negative would be that the beach isn’t great, it is narrow and the trees on the shoreline, whilst keeping the resort private, also block the views – so no real point in paying for a sea view room and you can’t easily sunbathe on the beach.   You’ll just have to make do with the more private sun loungers in the garden area adjacent to the beach or by the pool or just just chill out in the privacy of your pool villa. Tough life. :-)

Interior of Pool Villa at Gajapuri Resort

Gajapuri Resort & Spa is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 180 written reviews on Booking.com since 1 November 2018

Superb Friendly and professional staff, good location The view from our room - Sandie - 02/12/20 

Exceptional Super friendly staff and awesome breakfast - Backpack - 14/04/20 

Ein Paradies an Palmenstrand Die Anlage ist mit vielen sehr schönen Holzhäusern unterschiedlicher Größe ausgestattet. Die Größe der Häuser ist großzügig und sehr... read more - Yvonne - 31/03/20 

Feeling a little old and unloved The staff were very, very helpful and efficient. The location is excellent with easy access to the local... read more - Maria - 23/03/20 

Good Lungt Terassen - Carina - 19/03/20 

Fantastique La nourriture, le chef est super! le cadre est fantastique! La grande piscine et les bugalows en bois d'un... read more - Jérôme - 14/03/20 

Exceptional Just one word: amazing!!! Half resort adults only with pool just for adults. If you have children’s no problem... read more - Ondrej - 05/03/20 

Un havre de paix au milieu d'une végatation luxuriante, le raffinement dans un esprit détendu. la beauté des lieux entre raffinement et végétation luxuriante.
les chambres et les piscines sont top.
Le petit déjeuner est un...
read more - Francois - 02/03/20 

It was very chill We were there twice. At first 5 nights, then we went to another hotel, but after 4 nights returned... read more - Valiorasa - 02/03/20 

Superb Das Frühstück war reichhaltig, die Anlage wunderbar und die Lage am Strand sehr schön. Wer Schatten benötigt, kann sich... read more - Kai - 02/03/20 

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