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Sea View Resort and Spa, Kai Bae beach

Aerial drone photo of Sea View Resort, Koh Chang

Sea View Resort and Spa, Kai Bae beach

Sea View is one of the most popular 4 star resorts for families looking to stay in a peaceful beachfront setting.

It is located at the far southern end of Kai Bae beach, so be prepared to have a 20 minute walk if you want to get into Kai Bae village for shopping.   But there are a couple of other resorts nearby if you don’t fancy hotel food.  The best food being adjacent at the laid back ‘Porn’s Bungalows’ which serves up some of the best Thai food in the area.

The older hillsidecottages have now been replaced by new hotel rooms, all of which have panoramic ocean views.  The Deluxe and Superior rooms feature floor to ceiling windows and a glass walled bathroom, so you need never miss a sunset even whilst taking a shower.

There are a couple of swimming pools.  The beachfront pool is the most popular.  It’s a bit small given the size of the resort but there are plenty of sunloungers and refreshingly the hotel has a policy that doesn’t allow people to reserve sunbeds with their towels for hours.   One hour and if the sunbed isn’t used the towel is removed.

So igf you prefer a quiet swim, away from the cowds head to the Clifftop pool.  You can walk up the hill or take the funicular train ( the only one on the island ) From this pool you look down onto the beach and islands below. 

The beach directly in front of the resort is the best in this area and at very low tide, in the Low Season, you can walk to the island 400 metres offshore.

Recommended choice if you prefer to be slightly away from the main tourist areas.  The resort has a free shuttle service to the village as walking there along the main road is quite difficult.  Not due to the distance – due to the steep hills. 

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IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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By JL, Hong Kong

I love traveling alone. But this time, I was with my family. I have visited the island a few times already but stayed in different hotels.

I tried staying at Sea View Resort as recommended by my colleagues. They’ve been here several times and all of them had awesome things to say about it. So I chose it since I was traveling and touring with my family. I also decided to stay here after conducting a heavy search online. Having known of its superb management and quality of rooms, my family and I were not disappointed at all.

Our travel was for leisure so I (with some help from my family) had to pay it from my own pocket and I got to say that it was all worth it.

The day we arrived at the hotel, I knew that it was built to provide its guests a pure relaxation place. No wonder my colleagues who recommended it, truly enjoyed their stay here. The greenness and the quietness of the place really captivated us.

I’ve read some negative things about this hotel online. Thankfully, those horrible things that had happened to its past guests didn’t happen to us. It was difficult to choose what room to stay for a few days, since each one has its own pros. In the end, we’ve decided to book for their Grand Deluxe room. And it was a lovely idea as my family and I had the chance to see the great view of the island nearby from our own room.

The design of the entire hotel is lovely. It just made us feel good within the duration of our stay. I was just too happy we’ve decided to stay at this hotel with my family to give us some peace for a little while.

Since I’ve been traveling around and have stayed in various hotels in different countries and continents, it was natural for me to look at every detail of every hotel I was staying, including this hotel.

We were greeted by the hotel’s friendly staff. They were also very helpful. But sometimes, you had to look for them in a vast compound. Generally, they were always there when we need them.

Our room was big. It had comfortable beds with large flat screen TV. It has its own sofa and a spa bath. The room had fresh exotic fruits that you can only find in Thailand. I loved the idea of having a spacious bathroom and a patio where we can see the entire view of the beach.

Outside, we had an easy access to one of the hotel’s two pools. Fronting the hotel is its own private beach. My father is a known beach lover so he immediately headed out and had a swim.

We ordered food from our room and the food was delivered on time, although my father said that it took them an hour or so to deliver it. Among the food we have tasted, I especially loved the mango sticky rice. It was my mother’s first time to try such food and she loved it.

Our breakfast was served at 7 in the morning. It was delicious, not really mouthwatering. We were given a variety of Thai foods but they also served ordinary food, such as eggs, waffles, coffee or tea, etc. Although they provided a variety of foods, it was still quite limited. We were a bit disappointed.

When we tried hanging out at their restaurant, I could say that the view from our room was magnificent but the view from the restaurant was extraordinary. It overlooked almost everything that we wanted to see on this island.

Since the staff spoke in English, it wasn’t difficult for us to communicate with them. The hotel’s best restaurant is headed by a French chef, so expect to have great French / Thai fusion dishes here. But if you’re new to Thailand, you should order Thai foods to get the best experience.

Their drinks were reasonably priced. We had dinner on the beach front. Thus, we had the chance to see the beautiful sunset. It was a wonderful experience from this part of the world.

Since Sea View Resort is located near other beaches on Koh Chang, we visited them to try their offerings. We used one of the local taxis for this. It didn’t take long for us to get into the center of Kai Bae village from the hotel. We took the shuttle, instead of renting a motor bike or walking.

The hotel’s location is situated at the top of a hill so driving can be a bit tricky, especially when it’s wet. So, I’d suggest not renting a bike or a motor bike when it’s raining. This is especially true if you’re not experienced driving a bike on steep hills.

Our experience at Sea View Resort was absolutely amazing. We couldn’t get enough of the magnificent view of the water. Since it was our time to relax, we really had no problem with noise. It was indeed a nice and quiet place to stay for a few days. When we left, we rode with other passengers in a cargo van as it was cheaper than renting the whole van.

The next time I’d travel in Koh Chang, I’d definitely choose Sea View Resort again.

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  • First off many thanks to this form iamkohchang (Ian i believe?)… As of a recent visit to Seaview Feb.2012 we found exact opposite of previous reviews.Maybe being Valentines Love was still in the air. Secondly or thirdly now … Most times you get what you put out. As the former governor of California and now living with housekeeper & toddler once said … ” I’ll Be BacK !” . Thanks again iamkohchang keep it real Love koh Chang Crib

  • The reviews in TripAdvisor claim the staff in this place is very rude and service bad. One said the change for worse has happened lately. Any ideas why? (There were a lot of these comments so I am inclined to believe them…)

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