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KB Resort, Kai Bae beach


KB Resort


KB Resort is overall, one of the nicest beachfront bungalow resorts on the island.   As the resort has expanded over the years the owners though and so the atmosphere has changed.   The owners have resited the temptation to cram in more bungalows.  But a couple of years ago  anew hotel block was built , catering mainly to Russians who love the place.

The bungalows, whilst certainly not luxurious are a good 2-3 star standard and are clean and well maintained. Fan, AC, beachfront and family bungalows are available.

The bungalows are set in a lush garden area with mature trees providing plenty of shade.   The beachfront restaurant is also one of the best in the area with well priced Thai dishes and BBQ seafood.

A new pool and large teakwood family bungalows were built a couple of years ago as the resort was getting an increasing number of families staying. Roadside shops and restaurants are only a minute’s walk away.   In 2010 the beachfront AC bungalows were all renovated and in 2013 the new beach restaurant and large hotel block were completed.

So, if you are looking for a good, but not luxurious, beachfront bungalow, you can’t really go wrong here.   No qualms in recommending it.

You’ll notice that you can’t find the resort on the main booking sites.  So it isn’t easy to book.  One word of advice, the staff aren’t very good at replying to emails – either book through an online agent or use Fax to contact the resort direct.


  • The beach is sandy. But at low tide you will get some stones underfoot if you wade out to swim. (At high tide this wont be a problem.) Cant go too far out as there is a lot of seaweed about 100m offshore.

  • Hi Ian,

    Could you please let me know what it is like to swim from the beach at K B Resort and is it all sandy or is it stony and rocky? Thanks.

    Kind regards


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