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Kai Bae Grand Ville comprises of a large hillside hotel block plus bungalows closer to the shoreline. It is located on the southern half of Kai Bae beach, an area which is popular with visitors looking for 2 star beach accommodation.

Guests are usually older tourists on a budget who prefer smaller resorts to large package tour places.   The rooms at Grand Ville aren’t the best on the beach, they are decent but fairly simple.   The hotel rooms are fine as a good value place to sleep and all have sea views from the balcony.

No obvious downside providing you take it for what it is – standard,   air-conditioned, beachfront accommodation. You aren’t going to be ‘wowed’ but the design, service or cuisine but if you want to make your holiday money go further and don’t require any unnecessary frills then it ticks all the boxes.  Resorts nearby have steadily been moving upmarket but Grand Ville hasn’t really changed in the past few years.  

This is a good option for anyone wanting to find a room by walking in.  As the resort doesnt have a high profile onlien and isnt listed on the main OTAs such as Agoda, Expedia, Booking.com

I should also add that it’s popular with Russians on a budget.

IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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  • Staff

By Oskar, Poland

I had a comfortable boat and land transfer from Trat airport to the resort. This was arranged by the hotel and went smoothly. My goal in going to this island is to enjoy Koh Chang’s nature.

The resort wasn’t too appealing from the outside. I arrived in the afternoon and the weather was too hot at that time. I was delighted to see that everything in the resort was open and working. There were quite a few people around in the reception area. What I didn’t like is that they didn’t have an air-conditioning system in that department. They told me that their A/C was busted.

They had a hard time locating my reservation in their computer. But after 15 minutes or so, they found it. I was booked for a hotel room but I changed it to bungalow as I wanted to be outside the hotel and be near the beach. They charged me extra. I was thankful that they still had available bungalow room. The resort wasn’t fully booked, yet.

I didn’t have a hard time communicating with their staff. Although they don’t speak fluently in English, they could understand and speak slowly so I could better comprehend them. The staff I met there was really nice and helpful.

Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t have a porter at that time. So no one accompanied me to my bungalow. But it wasn’t that difficult to access and find it.

The room was average. It had air-conditioning system but no Wi-Fi. Their lobby didn’t have Internet connection, either. So, I couldn’t email my family to say that I arrived safely.
The overall décor was very simple. It was nice but it could be improved. One of the things I immediately searched when I arrived in my room was power sockets. I had to use my laptop and I had to charge it every two hours. The room had two power sockets – one in the bathroom and another near the table. The bathroom was not too impressive. The water pressure was very low, I couldn’t enjoy taking a shower here.

The beach was so inviting, it was just a few steps away from my bungalow. The location was so quiet I was able to just sit on the sand and start working. But the quietness of the place had a disadvantage. While working on my laptop, I never realized that I fell asleep.

Going back to my room, there was no coffee and tea machine. I had to ask for it from their staff. Of course, it wasn’t free. They gave me a pitcher of water but no free bottled water.

The resort didn’t have their own restaurant, so I had to go to nearby restaurants to eat. But my breakfast was free. It was small but quite tasty. I ordered extra eggs since my morning meal wasn’t enough to satisfy my big stomach. They served excellent bread and oh, so yummy sweet orange juice. Food service was great but could be improved.

I had to stay here for five nights. But those were five enjoyable nights as I had made friends throughout my stay. And the beach was great.

I’ll come back to Koh Chang but will stay at a different resort.


  • Grand View is currently a large construction site. The bungalows have all gone and there’s a large hotel block where the reception office used to be.

  • Any chance that somebody has a Email of the Grand View Kai Bae Beach. We stayed there Jan 2019 for 6 days. Want to do a new rerservation but no respond via FB. Did the owner sale the properties as the start to build a new Hotel at the Beach receiption.
    Can somebody help.

  • Hallo,
    i stay in January 16 days by you in a bungallow.
    I will ask you i can stay sehr again for 2 days for the same price.
    I come at the 9 March to the 11 March.

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